All Types of skateboard Gloves – Explained

skateboard glove types

Skateboard gloves are the savior to the palms of skateboarders. A good pair of skateboard gloves can integrate your skateboarding experience. Therefore, a concerned skateboarder must pick a pair of skateboard gloves as a part of safety. 

The problem arises when you notice different types of skateboard gloves in the market. You may get confused about selecting the perfect pair according to your criteria. A brief knowledge of different types of longboard gloves can eradicate your problem.

However, all the skateboard gloves won’t protect your fingers along with your palms. Some of the models are fingerless & protect only your wrist. On the flip side, some of the models partially cover your fingers. 

Types of skateboard gloves

This section briefly expresses the features of different types of skateboard gloves. Knowing their classifications along with pros and cons can make your decision super easy. 

1. Slide gloves

Slide gloves are dedicated to protecting your wrist in longboard downhill sliding. Most of the conventional brands offer integrated armor for wrist protection. Sometimes, metal buckles and polyester fibers are used for increasing support. It can provide the best support in skateboarding while breaking or drifting. 

These kinds of gloves absorb the unwanted shock instantly. The thick leather never allows the shock to reach the palms. For increasing the skateboarding experience, the back part gets manufactured with silicon materials. 

The air circulation system is good enough as there are some holes. Its breathable fabric along with the holes never creates the sweat inside the gloves. Its adjustable straps provide maximum comfort for blood circulation in the palms.


  • Advanced protection system for versatile skateboarding.
  • Shock-proof in sudden accidents.
  • Air circulation hole for user comfort.
  • Convenient straps for adjusting the tightness.


  • It loses its grip quality over time.
  • The gloves scratch up rapidly.

If you want to know the right size of slide gloves according to your hand shape. You can read how to choose the right gloves size based on hand shape.

2. Half-finger wrist guard gloves

Half-finger wrist guard gloves are highly compatible with decent skateboarding. The half-finger design helps to capture anything without any additional effort. So, you can do any sudden task like scrolling your device without taking the gloves off. However, this kind of glove is always constructed with a protective plastic guard for optimum support.

Most of the running models of this glove have a heavy-duty nylon thread. Its palm splint usually comes in spoon shape & that’s one of the secrets of superior protection. Besides, there is a great contribution of the back splint. It provides necessary support to the user’s wrists. 

Almost every company designs half-finger wrist guard gloves prioritizing air circulation. This advanced system offers additional comfort to your palms throughout summer. Moisture can be eradicated throughout the path easily & you can do your skateboarding precisely. People with hand sweating issues can pick this option without any doubt. 


  • Provides comfort during hot summer.
  • The air circulation system is convenient for all.
  • Dedicated to multitasking.


  • Unable to offer the proper safety for the fingers.
  • Uncomfortable for heavy winter days.

3. Full-finger wrist guard gloves

Full-finger wrist guard gloves are complete protection of your wrists and fingers. Falling is an inevitable part of skateboarding. But, a pair of full-finger gloves can provide you with a safe fall.  Most of the time, the fingers get injured by newbies for their unconsciousness. This glove is an ultimate resistance of fingers against sharp objects. Neither your palms nor fingers will be injured by dangerous objects easily.

Full-finger wrist guard gloves are specially dedicated to cold environments. The blood flow of the hand gets restricted in the presence of intense cold. As a result, the fingers can’t respond accurately and you face accidents. A full-finger wrist guard provides sufficient warmth to keep the blood circulation normal. Its optimized, soft pad gives maximum comfort to your palms.

In addition, dust is one of the major barriers to precise skateboarding. A skateboarder can’t concentrate on skateboarding for dust and faces unexpected situations. The premium leather build resists the debris from interrupting inside the gloves. However, it’s usually manufactured from goatskin. Superior protection is ensured by its double-stitched heavy-duty nylon thread.


  • Cozy in the winter season for natural blood circulation in palms.
  • Highly resistant against barriers, especially sharp objects.
  • Dedicated to keeping the debris away. 
  • The stitching doesn’t come loose within a short time.


  • Uncomfortable on sunny days.
  • The sweat extraction system isn’t developed.

4. Fingerless wrist guard gloves/wrist guard

You may be astonished to see fingerless gloves. Anyway, this kind of glove exists in the market for extreme wrist protection. This glove is usually manufactured with impact-resistant ABS plastic splints. An experienced skateboarder can get advanced protection in his palms and lower wrists through this setup.

When dealing with a warmer climate, this type of wrist guard glove is an ideal pick. Its inner cushion absorbs the sweat instantly. People with hand sweating issues can rely on this type of glove without worry. Besides its lightweight and ventilation, it offers a unique design.

Moreover, it’s super easy to wear than other conventional types. Two adjustable nylon straps fix the gloves with the wrists nicely. There is a way to control the tightness of the binding. So, it doesn’t restrict the natural circulation of blood. The stretchy fabric support never creates wrist pain in the long run. 


  • Advanced sweat absorption cushion. 
  • Extreme wrist protection in any kind of skateboarding.
  • No wrist pain for the additional fabric with the nylon straps.
  • Versatile for any type of advanced skating.


  • Rarely protective for fingers and nails.
  • Unsuitable in cold weather.
  • Less capability to resist the hands from debris.


Which type of skateboard gloves is the best pick for your use? The answer depends on the purpose and your skill. If you’re a newbie in skateboarding, full-finger wrist guard gloves should be your choice. 

Selecting the perfect one among all types of skateboard gloves is also dependent on the surrounding weather. The skateboarders from the warmth area should go for half-finger or fingerless wrist gloves. 

Pro skateboarders face more difficulties in their palms than fingers. So, they pick slide gloves for dedicated skateboarding. Whatever your pick is, observe the customer feedback and compare the brands before making the final decision.

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