How to Choose the Right Glove Size for Skateboarding and Longboarding?

How to choose the right gloves for skateboarding & Longboarding

If you’re confused about getting the right skateboard slide gloves size, take a quick look at this measurement chart to have a clear idea.

Longboard gloves which are also known as downhill slide gloves, are a crucial part of skateboarding whether you cruise downhill or do pro tricks. As we do most of the work with our hands, a slight cut or scratch sometimes creates big issues. Therefore, you need a pair of skateboard gloves.

But picking the best skateboard or longboarding gloves and finding the right size is tricky. So, this simple guideline will tell you how to choose the right glove size for skateboarding and longboarding. Also, as you may find different designs and models, you can always find the right downhill slide gloves using the size chart.

Importance of Wearing the Right  Size Slide Gloves

Gloves are essential for longboarding. You need them to prevent injury. They help you to slide better. Also, they give a stylish touch to longboarding games.

Apart from that, when you pick a larger size, chances are they will slip away from your hand and minimize your control over the speed. Also, your focus will be shifted to fixing the gloves again and again.

And when you pick a short pair of skateboarding gloves, it will put pressure on your hand. You will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the gloves will be damaged sooner. So, it’s a pretty basic requirement for skateboarders and longboarders to get the right size of their gloves.

Slide gloves boost your confidence to skateboard even if you’re a newbie. They reduce the risk of injury. More importantly, the best quality slide gloves will last for a long time.

Size measurement of Downhill Slide Gloves

You need to consider three main things when measuring the skateboard slide gloves size.

  1. Hand Length and Width
  2. Middle Finger Length
  3. Hand Circumference

Follow this simple chart to find out the right longboard slide gloves size.

Downhill Slide Gloves Recommended Size Chart:

Gloves Size Hand LengthHand WidthHand CircumferenceMiddle Finger Length
XXS18 cm9 cm18 cm7 cm
XS18.5 cm9.5 cm20 cm7.5 cm
S19 cm10 cm22 cm8 cm
M19.5 cm10.5 cm24 cm8.5 cm
L20 cm11 cm26 cm9 cm
XL20.5 cm11.5 cm27 cm9.5 cm
XXL21 cm12 cm28 cm10 cm
Skateboarders Glove Size Chart

Measurement Process for Picking the Right Skateboard Gloves:

To measure the hand size, you need to follow a certain way; therefore the easiest process is given below-

Step 1: Take a cloth measuring tape. Wrap it around your palm making a fist.

Step 2: Measure the circumference of your hand (the widest area of your palm), except the thumb.

Step 3: Then take the measurement of the hand length; from the wrist to the end of your middle finger. Also, measure the middle finger length when it’s not fingerless gloves.


1. We recommend selecting one size larger than your hand measurement. Because you’ll need some space to slide in and out your hands.

2. If you can’t find a measuring tape, a piece of string will do the job. Take the measurement, match it with a ruler, and note it down.


Gloves are essential parts of skateboarding. They are designed to protect the palms and fingers from injury. We assume that this guideline has helped you to find the right downhill slide gloves size. If so, then share with your friends so that they can also be helped. Have a safe and fun skateboarding experience!

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