Single Kick vs Double Kick Skateboard – Which is Best For You?

Difference between single kick/flat nose and double kick skateboard

Most newbie skateboarders have a problem with board selection. Because the boards look almost identical. If you know the features of these, then you can easily make a selection.

Today I’m going to give you a comparative idea about two types of skateboards: single kick or flat nose and double kick. After reading this article, I hope you can get a detailed idea about single kick and double kick skateboard. Let’s get started:

What is Single Kick Tail/Flat Nose Skateboard?

The kicktail is one of the fabulous inventions in skateboarding. A Single Kick Tail Skateboard is a skateboard that has a single kicktail or a flat nose. These are ideal skateboards for beginners who want to learn how to kickflip on a skateboard. These skateboards have all the great features of other standard skateboards but have just one kicktail.

If you are facing a problem finding the nose and tail of your skateboard, then you can read this article on how to determine the nose and tail of a single kick skateboard.

What Types of Single Kick Tail Skateboards Are There?

The most common type of single kick skateboard is a mini-cruiser skateboard. This skateboard is ideal for kids and beginner skaters because of its flat nose feature. It is also good for cruising.

This is basically a mini-cruiser deck with only one kicktail. Mini cruiser skateboard is a very versatile skateboard that can be used by almost any type of rider. It is usually best for street skating and carving, but can also be used on ramps and other obstacles. Since it has only one kicktail, it is easy to learn how to kickflip on this skateboard.

Another type of single kick skateboard is mini pro or mini concave. This type of skateboard is slightly wider than mini cruisers, but not as wide as a standard pro skateboard. It is a great choice for intermediate to advanced skaters. This type of skateboard gives more control over the board. Its wider stance and higher center of gravity make it better for tricks and stunts. This type of skateboard can be used for cruising, street, and even some park.

What is Double Kick or V-shape Skateboard?

Double Kicktails skateboard is a type of skateboard that is made for skateboarding. The board is usually about four feet long and about an inch thick. The board has two kicktails, which are the sloping edges on the underside of the board that allows for tricks to be performed. These are good for advanced skaters who are looking for something extra.

Even though double kick skateboard has two kick tails, it has also front and back. If your want to know more then you can read this article on how to determine the front and back of a double kick skateboard.

Further, they are great for learning how to do hand flips. The wider stance and more aggressive design allow you to learn new tricks easier. With this type of skateboard, you will get more pop when you do a kickflip.

Therefore, it’s a great choice for both beginners and advanced skaters. You can use double kick skateboards for street riding, carving, cruising, and even parking. It is ideal for riders who want more control and pop. Because of its wider stance, it is also great for doing hand flips and other advanced tricks.

Difference Between Single Kick and Double Kick Skateboard-


Single Kickboards:

The single kickboard is a board designed for beginners and first time riders. This type of skateboard is generally shorter, but wider than the double kickboard, which helps beginners to learn to ride without too much strain on their legs and joints.

This type of skateboard is designed to be more stable, while also providing higher speeds for beginners to skateboard tricks.

Double Kickboards:

The double kickboard has a wider width, which allows the rider to lean into the turn while riding it.

This type of skateboard is more stable than the single kickboard. A beginner or intermediate-level rider will find this type of skateboard to be more maneuverable.

It is an excellent choice for people who want to learn to skateboard or skate around town.

I hope the above discussion gives you some ideas about the single kick and double kick skateboards. Let’s take a closer look at the subject easily through a table.

Comparison Between Single Kick vs Double Kick Skateboard-

FeaturesSingle KickDouble kick
Nose and tailHave a flat nose and a kicktail Have concave nose and tail
WidthGenerally 7 inches widthWider than a Single kick
LengthThe average length of the board is 27-28 inchesThe average length of the board is 31-32 inches.
Wheelbasewheelbase usually stays 11.5″ – 13.75″ longwheelbase usually stays 11.5″ – 13.75″ long
UsersEspecially for beginners and kidsFor pros, intermediate, and beginners. Actually, all types of skaters can use
Single Kick Vs Double Kick Skateboard Comparison Table

Nose and Tail

The tail part of the single-kick board possesses a raised concave. On the other hand, the nose of the board stays flat. For the double-kick board, the nose and tail have concave that tilts to the top.

It’s so easy to make fun in a single-kick board’s deck. The reason is you can drive foot placement from one maneuver to the next in this type of board.

But, the double-kick board’s deck design is important for street skateboarding.


The width of the single-kick skateboard is generally 7 inches whilst the width of the double-kick skateboard is 8 inches. If you want to do tricks and have fun, then the single-kick board is perfect.


A single kick skateboard is usually shorter than a double kick board. The length of a board indeed depends on various factors like the ability to pop, slide, board control, etc. The average length of a single-kick skateboard is 27-28 inches while the average length of a double-kick board is 31-32 inches.


There’s not much difference between a single-kick and double-kick skateboard. The wheelbase usually stays 11.5″ – 13.75″ long. It’s appropriate for both types of skateboard.

Advantages of the Double Kickboard Over the Single Kickboard-

Higher capacity for tricks.

More versatile in design to maneuver in different environments. Disadvantages of the double kickboard over the single kickboard:

Shorter stride length

Shorter available surface to push against.

Choosing a Style of Skateboard Deck

If you take the decision to get into the skateboarding world so closely, you should learn the variety of styles of boards that skateboarders use. Skateboards generally come into four shapes. Each shape used for different styles. Therefore, you have to select the board shape that matches the style you planned for skate. Let’s check out the four shapes –


Shortboards are usually the shortest size of boards. When you’re a beginner, you can begin your journey in skateboarding with a shortboard. These kinds of boards are suitable for learning tricks and performing various arts of skateboarding. If you plan to do boarding in the street or park, shortboards are the best option for you.


These types of skateboards are also made for streets and parks. However, there’s a bit of change. The decks of the cruiser boards are mid-length and not so short as the shorter board. Cruisers are versatile and the maneuverability of these boards is superb in a word.

Old School

Old School boards mostly contain a flat nose and kicktails. These boards are asymmetrical. Moreover, old school boards are so perfect for skating pools, carving the streets.

Buying Guide For Skateboard

If you have a plan to enter into the world of a skateboard, then you may construct a plan to purchase a skateboard. For this reason, we’ve tried to figure out the buying guide for a skateboard. Three things you have to keep in mind before purchasing the board. They are –

  • Parts of a Skateboard
  • Types of Skateboards
  • Skateboard Sizes

Parts of a Skateboard

The parts of the skateboard are –

  • Deck

This is the place you will stand. The deck is made of layers or laminated woods

  • Trucks

Trucks help the board to turn and supply shafts for the wheels.

  • Wheels

Wheels allow the board to roll on while providing a solid base for the bearings.

  • Bearings

Suitable to fit in the sides of the wheels. Bearings also assist to spin wheels much easily.

  • Grip Tape

Your feet get grip due to this and it stores in the top place of the deck.

  • Hardware

These are usually nuts and bolts that help to joint the truck on the deck.

Types of a Skateboard

There are mainly three types of skateboards. They work in different patterns, ways, and styles. Those three types are –

Standards Skateboards

When you’re in a startup session, these skateboards can help you immensely. Standard skateboards are superb for skating in the street, park skating, etc. These boards consisted of hard wheels. Furthermore, they are symmetrical and feature both nose and a tail.

Cruiser Skateboards

If you seriously think about transportation with the skateboard, then a cruiser skateboard can meet your needs. Cruiser skateboards have a similarity with standard skateboards. But, they have different types of shapes. Moreover, they are versatile and highly maneuverable.


If you want to travel a long distance with a skateboard, try to purchase longboards. They will make it easy for you. You can keep your balance easily and perform downhill racing, longboards are the perfect things for you.


What Skateboard is Perfect For Kids?

Mini cruisers could be the perfect skateboard for the kids. The deck of the board is 6 inches. For this reason, they are perfect for kids. Mini cruisers also match older people who want to taste the flavor of different types of skateboarding.

What Skateboard is Perfect For Beginners?

If you have a deep passion for skateboarding, then you should keep in mind what type of skating you like the most and what skateboards actually suit you? Firstly, try to bring out the answer. After learning the answer by doing maths and gaining knowledge from our above discussion, it’s time you should make a decision. There are lots of boards and you have to find out the answer through the research and purchase the suitable one at the best price.
It’s true that finding the perfect one from a sea of boards is certainly not an easy task. That’s why you should decide by seeing the board’s shape and specifications. It will ease the job for you and narrow down the options. If you’re a beginner, it will be good for you to buy a board with a wide deck.

What Skateboard is Perfect For Professionals?

Professionals or advanced-level skateboarders should use cruise skateboards or longboards. Pro’s generally used to go long distances with the board, performing downhill racing, use the board for transportation, skating to improve their surfing or snowboarding. So, they should stick with cruising or longboards.


It’s actually not an easy job to differentiate the single-kick vs double-kick skateboard. Both works in their own styles. Moreover, both boards are good and deserve to get appreciation. If you’re in a dilemma about which one you should buy, we recommend you to ask yourself what kind of boards suits you better. Think thoroughly and then make a proper decision according to your skills.

Don’t rush things. It won’t bring any good for sure. We’ve made an in-detail discussion on both types of boards. There’s enough room for trying different configurations and then finding out what’s the best for you. Hope you’ll be benefitted from our article and find a suitable board for you. If you have any more questions regarding this, feel free to ask in the comment box. Thank you!

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