The 7 Best Skateboards For 5-years-old Kids – Tested in 2022


Skateboarding is one of the most exciting sports in the world. It is so popular among kids. Age 5 is the perfect time to learn new things and enhance various skills. If your kid gets a skateboard, it will be so beneficial. Skateboarding can effectively increase the mental and physical health of a kid. Moreover, it decreases the passion for smartphones and video games. 

But, one thing we want to recommend. Don’t teach your kid skateboarding below age 5. The reason is muscles are usually weak and tender at this age. If they fall, there’s a big chance they could get hurt severely. 

Anyway, at the age of 5, kids need to get the best skateboard for them to learn this exhilarating sport. Here, we will discuss the 7 best skateboards for 5-year-old kids (tested in 2021). 

About Our Research

How we picked – 

As the products are made for kids, it is easily surmisable that these products have to be pinch-perfect. Therefore, we have chosen the materials of the products. This is the thing we have prioritized most.

Why you should trust us –

On trusting issues, we can assure you fully. You don’t have to worry about our listing. Before preparing the article, we’ve researched a lot. Our team also contacted several professionals and gained knowledge on the current market. 

How we tested

Before concluding the part, we’ve researched the product quality and other relevant things. 

Who this is for

This is for kids. Those toddlers who are waiting to begin their journey on skateboarding will be most benefited from this article.

Our Top Pick: Rude Boyz 17 Inch Kids Skateboard 

Rude Boyz 17 Inch Kids Skateboard 
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Rude Boyz 17 Inch Mini Wooden Cruiser is our top pick. This is certainly the best cruiser available right now. Kids will get dreamy feelings with this cruiser along with other benefits.

The first product in this article we will recommend is the Rude Boyz 17 Inch Mini Wooden Cruiser. This is the best skateboard for beginners. Kids will be extremely thrilled and benefit from this product. This is completely a kid-friendly cruiser. Hence, they will have the superb experience of cruising through this. 

Further, this banana-shaped skateboard is 17 inches long. Besides, the weight of it is 7.5 lbs. The whole product is made of real wood. Thus, it is a very lightweight and well-balanced cruiser. Although it basically made for boys, it can be used by boys, girls, and even pets! 

This board comes with two splendid designs. One is a blue silky design while another one is a cool black design. These colorful and eye-popping designs can easily draw the attention of the kids. This mini cruiser is advised for ages between 3 and 5. As this product comes with ABEC 7 bearings, it is incredibly durable. The Four Seasons Design, Inc. manufacturing board is also inexpensive. 


  • Suitable for 3 to 5 years old
  • Kid-friendly
  • It comes in two stunning colours
  • Very cheap
  • Durable cruiser
  • Made of real wood


  • Grip tape usually get bubbled 
  • Not so sturdy

Why I will buy it?

This board is so enjoyable for kids. Moreover, it is lightweight and eye-popping. Kids will have a good experience of riding with this one. 

Best Overall: ANIMILES Mini Cruiser Skateboard

ANIMILES Mini Cruiser Skateboard
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This is one of the best skateboards for kids. They are very kid-friendly as these boards contain LED lights. Kids will enjoy the ride with these longboards. 

Our second recommendation is ANIMALES Mini Cruiser Skateboard. The deck of the board is only 22 inches. It is so colorful and kids will definitely enjoy the ride with it. The most fascinating thing is LED lights are attached to the wheels of this board. These lights start to shine as soon as the kid ride on the board! Another exciting thing is there’s no need to charging of the batter of this product. 

Moreover, this kids’ skateboard is lightweight and is ready to use straight from the box! The bearings of the cruiser are ABEC-7. For this reason, it is sturdy and doesn’t make noise while riding. There’s an Injection Cushion in this skateboard. It is capable of protecting from shock absorption. Hence, it can also eliminate the various types of danger while riding. 

This board is available in different types of colors. So, you can choose a color which is perfect for you. This is a super cute board. It works like a magic wand in a park, street, or school. Further, it is an excellent board for cruising and rolling in the terrain. 


  • Beautiful board
  • Design is colourful 
  • Safe and secured even in the night-time
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Water-resistant and smooth sliding
  • Compact and a perfect gift for a kid at Christmas or other holidays!


  • If a single wheel breaks, it’s too hard to find the same lightning wheel
  • Assembling is a little bit complicated

Why I will buy it?

This is entirely a mind-blowing board that will soothe the mind of a child. It is super perfect for gifting on occasions like Christmas, birthday, happy new year, etc.

Also Great: KO-ON Complete Skateboard

KO-ON Complete Skateboard
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Another great longboard that comes in number 3 on our list. The materials are superb and it is also waterproof. So, kids can enjoy the ride in the watery place without a problem. 

This skateboard comes with a 22.05×6 inch full-size design and a Canadian maple deck. It is fully waterproof. The most intriguing thing about this skateboard is it can hold both feet in it. Moreover, it is fully safe and secured. This board consists of ABEC 9 bearings. For this reason, it is sturdy and it fasts ride. 

On the other hand, this skateboard is compact and lightweight. You can easily carry it anywhere with you. The color and quality will surely exceed your expectation. The top surface of the board is so tough. As a result, it provides lots of friction and resists slipping. The beginners can massively enhance their skills with this board.

This board generates lots of traction and has an excellent grip. The design is super and it is affordable. 


  • Strong and durable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Enhance the skills
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple colours are made for boys and girls
  • Affordable


  • The wheel quality is not so good
  • The deck can get scratched

Why I will buy it?

This board is superb for beginners. It is a long-lasting board as well as very sturdy. On the other hand, this is also inexpensive. 

PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboard

PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboard
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This classic skateboard features PVC-injected 50mm x 27mm wheels. That’s why it delivers a smooth ride. It brings the 90’s memory and it will surely like by the kids. There’s a ninja turtle design in the deck. This board is 21 inches in length and 6 inches in width. As it is made of 9-ply maple wood, the board is highly durable. 

Further, it is a single kicktail design that gives reasonable control over brakes. Kids who are aged between 5 to 10 years, get the most benefit from this cruiser. The skateboard is super cool that can easily draw the attention of kids. 

On top of that, the colorful and artistic avatar is another reason to choose this board. Kids will surely love to ride alongside their favorite cartoon character! Hence, it is exceptionally cheaper. 


  • Single kicktail design is easy to steer and brake
  • Design is so cool
  • Affordable
  • Made with maple wood 
  • Kicktail design
  • Nylon bearings provide this board with a smoother ride


  • The graphic can be fade away quickly
  • Not too much stable

Why I will buy it?

This bright and cool type board is such a splendid gift for kids. They can enjoy riding with their favorite character. 

Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard

Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard
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It is a mid-range skateboard made of Canadian maple wood. This is why it is so durable and sturdy. Moreover, it’s a double-kick skateboard designed for beginners. Apart from the kids, it also fits the adults and professionals. This high-quality skateboard can provide various tricks such as sharp turns, slides, and street skating.

Further, this board comes with a hard carrying bag. You will also get a metal tool, two sets of ABEC 7 bearings, paint, stickers, etc. As you will get such tools, you will easily customize the board as your wish. Besides, PHOEROS Skateboards contain Thicken Aluminum Alloy Truck. This component provides the board with more balance and stability. 

This is the reason riders will feel safe when they ride with this board. Kids also like this board due to its incredible design and safety standard. The wheels are superb. The whole setup is also astonishing that can easily attract the eyes of a kid. It’s a good recommendation for a younger kid who loves to ride. 


  • The deck is 8 inches long. A kid can use it for a longer time
  • Kids can perform various tricks while riding
  • Durable and powerful
  • Stable
  • Safe
  • It comes with various tools


  • It’s a bit of a large for small-sized kids
  • Less gimmick

Why I will buy it?

It can be used for a long period. The whole setup is so nice and the product comes with many essential and customizable tools. 

PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard

PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard
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One thing we want to tell you is that this skateboard has a similarity with the Ninja Turtle board. Kids who love superhero films and games, will definitely like this board. This board has the avatar of the most popular superhero of kids – Spiderman! The theme of this Marvel comic can impress them so much.

On the other hand, this board is built with 9-ply maple wood. This is the reason it is so much strong and durable. Moreover, the 21-inch deck can fit the feet of any kid. The weight of this product is only 2.25 pounds. Therefore, it is so easy to carry. The 7.5 inches composite truck assists your kid to gain good control over the cruiser. 

This board comprises PVC-injected 50mm x 27mm wheels and nylon bearings. As a result, it is super stable, provides great speed, and suffers a minimal amount of fraction during riding. Kids who are aged between 5-10 years are perfect for this board.


  • This board made with maple wood instead of plastic
  • Highly stable and suffer minimal fraction
  • Provide great speed
  • The skateboard is very lightweight and compact
  • Spiderman graphics is so appealing
  • Durable


  • Trucks are low-quality
  • Wheels are also not so good

Why I will buy it?

Most toddlers love the Spidey and want to fly with them! This is the chance they will get with this board. This is mesmerizing. 

PlayWheels Paw Patrol SKB Boy Skateboard

PlayWheels Paw Patrol SKB Boy Skateboard
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This is a 21-inch kid cruiser skateboard. The manufacturers use 9 ply Canadian maple wood to build this cruiser. This is the reason it is so thick and durable. Kids can easily develop new skills through this skateboard. Moreover, the wheel material is PVC and its size is 50.8 Millimetres. As a result, kids can ride over this board so smoothly. 

On the other hand, it provides greater control, better comfort, fantastic grip while riding. The wheels are also so soft. Due to the composite trucks, this product is fit to supply huge speeds. So, the kids will enjoy it. 

The board is lightweight and works well on rough terrain. 


  • High-class material
  • Speed is good
  • Comfortable riding
  • Helps to enhance various skills
  • Last longer
  • It has a 9-ply maple wood deck that gives awesome durability.


  • Unwrapping is not trouble-free
  • Wheel quality is not that well

Why I will buy it?

The PlayWheels Paw Patrol 21″ Wood is made of high-quality materials. It can be used by older toddlers too. Moreover, it gives great energy while riding. 

How To Choose The Best Skateboard For 5-Year-Old Kid – Buying Guide

Skateboards For 5-year-old Kids

You have to be smart before purchasing a skateboard for a 5-year-old toddler. The reason is at this age, a kid is in the grown-up phase. So, choosing a skateboard very carefully is the best idea. Here, we will give you some factors you have to take into account before making the final decision. Let’s check them out – 


You can never have a perfect skateboard for a kid without choosing a proper deck. So, selecting a suitable deck is very crucial at all. The right deck will assist the kid in getting the highest speed while riding. Moreover, it will help to minimize the fraction and give proper smoothness. You will find different types of decks that are available on the market. 

However, from our assessment, we think radical decks are most suitable for kids. It is basically a U-sized deck. Kids get better control in these decks and without any doubt, it is best suitable for a 5-year-old kid. 


This is another crucial part of choosing a skateboard. The reason? Wheels give the roll to the skateboard. Without a smooth wheel, kids will not ride properly. This is very simple. So, selecting the best wheel is a must before buying a skateboard. 

Hence, the best wheel is available in 52-55mm in diameter. These wheels have the capability to minimize traction while providing greater stability, a firm stance, and less chance of slipping. It will also supply a superb experience in riding. 


There are various sizes of skateboards available on the market. But, you have to pick the correct size. For this reason, we want to give you an example. Have you ever worn a shirt that is much bigger than your size?! If yes, how did it look?! Awkward, right?

An oversized shirt bigger than your size will make you look stupid and you will feel totally uncomfortable. The same thing can be said for a skateboard. If the size doesn’t fit, your kid won’t find it comfortable and it won’t help the kid to achieve any skills.

Buy a skateboard according to the size of the kid. You can’t buy a skateboard that isn’t so small or too much bigger. Both will be mismatched and create discomfort. From our estimation, we think a 7 inches longboard is the most suitable for kids. 

Weight Capacity

The overall weight of the body of a kid makes a significant impact on selecting the right skateboard. If the kid’s weight is so much, then it would be the best decision to buy this kid a larger-sized board. Safety is a big reason behind this scenario.

But, it’s always good to choose a longboard with a bigger size. It is superb to select the most elevated size inside the scope of size ranges for a large-sized toddler. It will give the kid a considerable amount of control over the board. Also, it will ensure the proper safety and comfort of the kid. 


If the board doesn’t last long, it’s just a waste of money. This is why you should buy a durable board. Before purchasing, check out the materials. Most Canadian maple wood-based skateboards are highly durable. They are sturdy and can provide excellent service for a longer period. 


It’s so important to have the right truck for the skateboard. If the truck doesn’t match properly, there’s a big chance of an accident. Therefore, the truck your kid will use has to fit correctly suited for the skateboard. If it doesn’t your kid will fail to roll on the street fairly while an accident could send the toddler to an emergency room. 


For many children, it is a dream to take their board to various places. As a result, please choose a cruiser that is lightweight and easy to carry. 


The choice of adults or kids is not the same. It’s so easy to guess why. People’s perception changes as he/she gets older. If you don’t take the right ones, there’s a big chance the kid could refuse to use them. Therefore, take advice from other people about what kind of design a kid likes. 

We want to tell you specifically that you will find all of these traits in the 7 skateboards we’ve discussed. 

Safety Guidelines

The truth is 5 years of age is really a very young age to begin the journey on skateboarding. As a result, every parent should be careful about the safety guidelines. Otherwise, bad things could happen. So, be careful and maintain these guidelines. 

Here, we are providing some important tips to teach skateboarding to your toddler. Let’s check it out – 

  • Don’t allow your kids to cruise without wearing various safety gear.
  • Never buy cheap stuff for your kid. Yes, it could be good for you to buy a board at an affordable rate but it won’t be so nice for the long term. Cheap things will be unsafe and it brings risk for a kid.
  • Just don’t spend time on your smartphone! You should go with your kid during practice. 
  • Stay away from broken bearings, or any stuff that is not in a good position. 
  • Show your kid some YouTube videos of skating before your kid starts to play in the real world. 

Protective Gear For Kids

After buying a skateboard, now it’s time to give your kids protective gear. You won’t be so tense and watch your kid from a distance if the kid is wearing the gears. However, there’s a problem. The problem is that most kids don’t want to wear protective gear. 

In such a case, it would be a perceptive thing to provide them stylish gears. The good-looking and astounding gear will surely attract them and they will wear them without making a fuss. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a 5-year-old kid be capable of riding a skateboard?

Yes, of course. There’s no problem with it. Even a 3-year-old kid can do it. But, there are some security measures. So, it will be best to provide a kid with a skateboard to maintain safety. Don’t take risks. It could be vital. 

What is the perfect age to begin skateboarding?

There’s actually no perfect age to start the skateboarding journey. You can begin at any time of your age. But, it would be best to begin it at the age of 5. 

How do I teach my 5 year old to skateboard?

First, teach your kid skateboarding on the carpet. After that, show them videos on YouTube or other social media. This is how he/she will start to learn to board in a correct manner.

How much money do I have to spend to buy a board?

Always remember that the safety of your kid is the most important thing. Never compromise with that. So, it would be best to purchase an expensive one instead of a cheaper one. However, you could also find a good one at an affordable price. Please check the 7 recommendations of us and it will be helpful for you. 


In order to improve the mental and physical skills of your kid, it is so essential for them to learn skateboarding. The truth is – skateboarding is the best way to keep your child away from social media, video games or television. Hence, it will help them to grow and teach them various life lessons. 

We are hopeful that our article will be so beneficial to you. If you have any queries regarding our article, please comment on our comment box below.

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