Choosing A Longboard: The 23 Types Of Longboards And What To Look For in Each

Deafferents Types of Longboards

Riding a longboard and performing stunts has become very popular nowadays. And to ride them or perform different stunts, you need to know about longboards. Different types of longboards are used for different riding styles as well as for different purposes. Some longboards can be used by beginners, whereas some require professional riders.

So if you want to choose a longboard, you need to learn about them first. Different types of boards provide different stability or speed, which are important for riding styles. Some boards can be too heavy, and they can be used for carrying loads. 

While some can be used for jumping or zigzagging, So you should choose a longboard that suits your riding style. As a result, you can enjoy the floating sensation perfectly.

Types of Longboards 

Let’s see the types of longboards with their features, pros, and cons.

Carving Longboards

Carving longboards are those longboards that allow you to carve them in different ways to change the momentum of the longboards or make them more aesthetic. They have pretty big mid-size decks, which allow you to carve your boards as much as you want.

The smaller the deck and wheelbase are, the more moment they need to change the velocity. Again, if you keep them at their normal size, they will run slowly. The top mount decks of these boars allow them to provide force to flip inside the boarding areas. 

The following is an important aspect of the carving boards: the cambered platforms. If you need more speed on your board, you just need to make the middle points higher than the edges of the board. 

Curve the tires to make them bigger to generate more spin. Curve your board according to your riding style so that it can provide the best riding possible.


  • These boards allow you to curve them as you want.
  • It can produce more speed.
  • More spin can be performed by applying the proper curving method.
  • You can change the look of the boards. 
  • They can be easily modified according to your taste and performance.


  • If the curving method is not properly done, it could damage the board.
  • You can also get into an accident.

Magneto Hana Longboard Collection

These longboards provide the perfect option to curve the boards as you ride. If you want to cruise or carve or dance or do downhill riding or do freestyle riding, you can do it with these boards.

The boards have a 42-inch long deck, which allows you to curve them according to your riding style. These boards are made of bamboo, so you can curve them easily to make them more artistic. The wheel size is 70mm, which can be eliminated easily while doing the sharper carving.

Cruising Longboards

You can use cruising longboards if you want to ride in a more relaxed manner with your longboards. You can typically ride in four different styles with these longboards.

They are-

  • Board-ward riding
  • Long-distance riding
  • Urban riding
  • Flat ground riding.

All these riding styles provide the perfect relaxation and fluidization while riding. Typically, shorter decked boards are used for cruise longboards. The recommended length is 32-38 inches, which provides the perfect lightweight design for performing more leverage turns. You can attach a kicktail to your boards so that small obstacles can not stop you.


  • They provide excellent relaxation while riding. 
  • You can ride around your neighbourhood on these longboards.
  • They can be used for long-distance cruising. 
  • They provide exact stability while riding so that accidents can’t occur.
  • You can ride on rough ground with these longboards.


  • They are not recommended for competitive riding.

Quest Original Artisan Longboard 

This longboard comes in the exact size for cruising. The length of this longboard is 44 inches, and it has a gorgeous maple deck that is created from bamboo. The wheel size is 70mm, which is very reliable while riding in rural areas.

It has perfect components for neighborhood riding, like ABEC 7 speed bearings, 7 Ply Super Flex bamboo, and 7-inch aluminum trucks. So it provides very precise stability while riding.

Bamboo Longboards

If you are looking for a longboard that is an alternative to maple longboards but is more eco-friendly, you can choose bamboo longboards. They are equivalent to maple longboards but provide more flexibility and are lighter in weight.

As a result, you can ride with these longboards even if it’s a freestyle, modest parkway competition, or park skateboard competition. Also, these bamboo longboards are designed for roaming or dancing bases. 

As a result, they are equally fast, adaptable, and sturdy at any moment. Because of their lightweight and creative design, they can move to any area you want, allowing you to enjoy your ride more.


  • They are true eco-friendly longboards.
  • These longboards are very flexible.
  • They are very lightweight, so they allow you to ride faster.
  • These longboard prices are cheaper than maple longboards.
  • They allow you the same riding experience as maple longboards.


  • Sometimes they provide lower stability.

Downhill Longboards

Downhill longboards are used in downhill skating areas for faster and fiercer riding. These longboards are designed so that they can endure these speedy and intense moments without falling apart. There are two types of downhill longboards.

  1. Drop through longboards
  2. Top-mounted longboards

i. Drop through longboards

These longboards are one of the most famous longboards for downhill skeleton riding. They are specially designed to sit lower on the ground so that the center of gravity of the body of the skaters changes to a lower one. As a result, they can run faster with more vitality. 

A typical longboard with a cutout in the middle of the deck to deliver proper trucks to you is a drop-through longboard. These boards are designed to run faster so that you can enjoy the intense moments perfectly.

Though there are simply designed longboards on the market for regular users, you can choose the board that suits your riding style. The mechanism of the drop-through longboard is to change the center of gravity of a person to a lower level than typical longboards. 

As a result, a rider can lift or break the skate when he wants. These boards have perfect stability to run in a drop-down arena. So you can easily cruise or slide with them.


  • You can cruise with these longboards. 
  • These longboards come with adequate stability. 
  • They offer extremely fast speeds as well as precise adjustability.
  • These longboards are very adaptable for any kind of skating. 
  • You can also do low-speed cruising with them.


  • Because of their deeper deck structure, these longboards can’t provide the quickest spin while skating.

ii. Top-mounted longboards

These longboards have a lower ascended deck so they can deliver extra traction while riding. So if you are racing with these longboards, you can ride faster. Also, they provide full stability in all parts of the longboard, so you can technically perform better with them.


  • They provide the perfect amount of speed for downhill skating.
  • They are also very versatile for any kind of longboarding. 
  • You can customize these boards as much as you want. 
  • They are very stable while riding. 
  • They are very durably built.


  • They are so fast that if you are not very aware of skating, you can get into an accident.

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard 

This board is fully made of maple wood, so it provides the perfect durability while skating. The longboard length is 40 inches, which is perfectly designed for downhill longboarding.

It is equipped with accurate components like a 37-inch wheelbase, a 10-inch wide deck, and 7-inch reverse heavyweight trucks, which can be diversified from 45 to 50-degree. The 70×51mm 78A PU wheels can run as smoothly as possible with ABEC 9 bearings, so you can enjoy the ride more.

Pintail Longboards

Pintail longboards are popular due to their classic appearance and easy-to-handle design. They are also beginner-level longboards, but all kinds of skaters can use them. Their deck usually stays higher than the trucks, which provides the perfect gliding feeling for the riders.

It has a well-designed structure that allows the riders to learn the footwork of riding. Their prime-mounted deck allows the weight to be spread all over the boards for perfect stability. As a result, the riders can enjoy a smoother ride with these boards, which is perfect for newcomers.


  • These boards have a simple design that allows newcomers to learn to skate easily. 
  • They provide perfect friction on the trucks.
  • You can go on short rides with these boards. 
  • They are perfectly designed for low-speed cruising. 
  • Provide perfect stability.


  • These boards are not recommended for long-distance skating.

Fishtail Longboards

The artistic appearance of fishtail longboards has made them popular. They are handily acknowledged for their notch, which is like a fishtail in the thin sides of the boards. These longboards have various kinds of length, but it is recommended that you choose a board that has a length of 40 inches and a width of 10 inches.

 The width of these boards allows the riders to get leverage while turning. The riders place their legs on the thin side of the boards. These boards are made in a curvy way so the riders get perfect contact with the boards while riding. 

As a result, a rider can provide extra leverage while turning. The fishtail on the thin side of the boards spread all the weight all over the boards. As a result, riders can enjoy their riding by curving.


  • These boards allow you to cruise.
  • You can carve with these boards.
  • These boards are designed perfectly so that riders’ feet are positioned flawlessly. 
  • They provide enough leverage while turning.
  • The fishtail can spread all the body weight of the rider all over the board.


  • They are not very adaptable.

Blunt Longboards

If you are looking for a longboard that can provide perfect stability and durability, you can choose blunt longboards. They have a unique blunt design that is created by reducing the force of the rider by adding a pintail on the front and end parts.

So you can perform sharp and fast spins with them. But this design provides these longboards with more stability. So newcomers can ride them to obtain their skating abilities. These longboards are the safer longboards for beginners.


  • These boards provide perfect safety while riding.
  • Beginners can use these boards. 
  • These boards are very stable.
  • They are famous for their durability.
  • These boards have a unique design.


  • They are not very suitable for competitive riding or speedy riding.

Mini Cruiser Short Longboards

These mini-cruiser short longboards look like small skateboards. Except for size, there isn’t much difference between the terms “longboards” and “skateboards.” The usual size of the longboards is 33–60 inches in length, with a width of 9–10 inches.

Whereas the length of the typical skateboard is 28-32 inches with a width of 7-19 inches. So these mini-cruiser short longboards are the smallest because of their tiny sizes. 

As a result, these boards are very light in weight, so the maneuverability of these boards is perfect. So you can easily carry them. So if you’re thinking of hopping over obstacles for more intense moments, these boards are the best choice.


  • These longboards are perfect for tiny spaces.
  • They are very lightweight, so you can hop around with them.
  • Their big wheels help them run on any type of ground.
  • These are more like competitive longboards.
  • They provide precise comfort while riding on different terrains.


  • These boards are not recommended for new users.

Twin Longboards

These twin longboards are perfect freestyle longboards that are mainly used by experienced riders. These boards are mainly designed by twin skateboards, which came out in the 90s. Their familiarity increases because of their handy multi-directional skating.

So different companies started creating twin skateboards for freestyle riding. These boards have vast space, so much so that professional longboarders started using these boards to create stunts and moves. Their hollow front and end structures provide extra stability while riding, so you can learn different stunts and movies with them. 

They are also very popular for downhill riding because they provide fast speed with quick turns. It is recommended to use soft wheels with them for better precision when performing stunts or tricks.


  • These boards are very stable.
  • They are designed for professional riding. 
  • You can do downhill riding with these boards.
  • They are perfectly structured for sharp turns.
  • Their soft wheels allow you to perform perfect stunts.


  • These are not recommended for beginners.

Cut-Out Longboards

These cut-out longboards are mainly used for downhill riding or freestyle riding. They are perfectly designed to give the impression of versatile riding. They have large wheels, which allow them to deliver perfect balance while riding.

These boards are very stable, so you can handily control them in the dropdown trucks. They have thin edges because their edges have been deeply cut out. So they got this unique name. Their bi-directional wheels allow them to provide fast turns in dropdown trucks or freestyle riding.

So they are mainly structured for professional riders, but if you want to learn more about longboard running skills, you can use these boards. Their flexible shape will allow you to perform different stunts perfectly.


  • These longboards are very stable.
  • You can run on a drop-through truck with these longboards. 
  • They are very flexible.
  • The cutout longboards are very stable.
  • You can do freestyle riding with these boards.


  • Beginners shouldn’t use these boards for their speed.

Drop Down Longboards

Drop-down longboards are mainly famous for their unique design, which provides perfect stability while riding. They are designed to make their center parts lower than their edge parts. As a result, they are valid longboards for drop-through tracks.

These boards are usually created from hardwood, so they don’t have much flex. Their lowered center section produces a cradling effect while riding so that the riders can adjust the speed while riding on a drop-through track. So this provides perfect safety for the riders in a drop-through track. 

If the rider wants to perform a stunt by sliding, the center part of the board delivers accurate grips. So they don’t fall from the boards. Their structure keeps the deck as close as possible to the grounds, so you don’t feel exhausted while riding long latitudes. So, these boards are perfect for versatile riding.


  • These boards are perfect for versatile riding. 
  • You can ride a long distance with these boards. 
  • They provide perfect stability in the drop-through truck.
  • You can adjust the speed while riding. 
  • These boards provide perfect grips to perform stunts.


  • It is very tough to perform quick turns with these boards.

Topmount Longboards

The Topmount longboards are very famous because they’re designed to perform tricks and stunts. They got this name because their trucks were placed on the lower side of the boards. So they provide perfect maneuverability while riding, which is essential for performing stunts.

These boards are manufactured so that they can perfectly spread the rider’s bodyweight all over the longboard. So you can perform quick spins with these top-mount longboards. They provide a perfect grasp while riding, so you can hop around obstacles with these boards. 

Their unique structure allows them to provide extra speed, so they are popular for cruise skating.


  • These boards are suitable for professional riding.
  • They spread the bodyweight of the riders across all parts of the boards.
  • These boards provide proper grip while riding. 
  • They are perfect for performing stunts.
  • The manoeuvrability of these boards is very balanced.


  • Beginners shouldn’t use these boards because of their hard control.

Speed Board Longboards

The name of the Speed Board Longboards indicates its functionality. These longboards are built for speed. They’re specially designed to ride in high-speed trucks. But while it is too speedy, it must be stable. These Speed Board longboards provide perfect stability while riding. As a result, you can do various stunts with them.

Their end section is built in a sharp design. They also have a very blunt nose section. So the boards are ideal for zipping. With this unique design, these boards offer you perfect versatility for riding.


  • These boards are very versatile.
  • You can do zig-zagging with these boards.
  • They provide perfect stability while riding. 
  • These longboards are built for speed.
  • The Speed Board longboards provide perfect safety while riding.


  • These boards are not very durable.

Double Drop Longboards

Both drop-through longboards and drop deck longboards have some disadvantages while riding. As a result, the idea of double-drop longboards has come. These longboards are specially designed for eliminating the shortcomings of both of these longboards while providing the same benefit as each design.

These boards deliver the exact speed while riding without losing any balance during rides. As a result, they provide accurate stability for the riders. So these boards are safe for them. These boards are actual low-rider skateboards.

As a result, they are extremely useful for hill riders or hill bombers. Their special design allows them to control the center of gravity of the riders and make it as low as possible on the ground. So these boards are perfect for drop-through trucks.


  • These boards are best for drop-through trucks.
  • They provide excellent speed for riding.
  • These boards provide perfect safety for riders.
  • Their perfect stability is essential for hill riders. 
  • The Double Drop Longboards come with a unique design.


  • These boards are not recommended for beginner riders.

Dancer Longboards

Well, there may be some hesitation with the name “Dancer longboards.” But it is really popular among the riders. First, Rodney Mullen inducted these longboards into the world. Though it required some time to gain popularity, now it is one of the most popular boards for freestyle riders.

These boards come with a long body, which allows the riders to properly step on the boards. If you want to jump with them, it is also designed for it with a double kicktail. The flexes on the boards are perfectly comfortable for dancing. 

Their long bodies don’t change the maneuverability of the boards. It still provides a low weight. So, moving with them becomes extremely easy.


  • They are very lightweight.
  • Their manoeuvrability is very good.
  • They are specially built for dancing.
  • Performing stunts with these boards is pretty easy.
  • They provide perfect stability.


  • These boards are not good for long rides.

Freeride Longboards

Freeride longboards are the perfect example of versatile longboards. They are designed for any type of longboarding ride. Curving or crushing anything you want, these longboards are ready for it.

These longboards have various types of shapes, but their urethane-made wheels must be small. These small wheels are perfect for skidding sideways because they provide enough traction.

These boards are very stable as their decks are placed as close as possible to the ground. So you can even run drop-through trucks with these boards. So these boards are designed perfectly so that they deliver enough safety for the riders.


  • They provide perfect safety.
  • These boards are famous for their versatility.
  • They deliver enough speed and slip for drop-through trucks. 
  • They are very stable.
  • They are popular for freestyle riding.


  • They are not very durable.

Push / Commuter Longboards

The main function of these push/commuter longboards is long-riding. They are specially designed for the purpose of long rides so that the rider doesn’t feel exhausted. As a result, they are made as low as possible, which gives them perfect maneuverability.

So, they are very easy to run. The wheels are also uniquely designed for narrow trucks. They also provide the board with perfect stability. As a result, you can ride on a drop-through truck with these boards.

You can also ride around your neighborhood for fun with these boards. Their sole purpose is to provide enough skating entertainment, so they are popular with new riders.


  • These boards are perfect for long-distance riding. 
  • The push/commuter longboards can also run on a drop-through truck.
  • On these boards, maneuverability is very good.
  • You can even run narrow trucks with these boards.
  • The push/commuter longboards provide excellent stability while riding.


  • These boards are not very fast.

Electric Longboards

Electric longboards are powered by batteries. These boards are not mainly used for traditional skating. These boards can take a load of up to 200 to 330 pounds, so you can even carry groceries with these boards. The batteries of these longboards have enough electricity, so these boards can carry you for a couple of hours.

Though the active time of these boards changes with how much load they carry, so you need to charge them after the electricity if the battery has been over for 2 to 5 hours. These boards provide perfect safety for long rides.

Their braking system is so perfect that they have the perfect gear to climb the hill. Though these boards usually weigh 6.8 to 12.7 kg, you don’t need to carry them. Instead, they will carry you with proper safety and stability.


  • These boards are good for carrying loads.
  • They provide perfect stability.
  • You don’t need to push these electric longboards with your feet so don’t get exhausted. 
  • They provide the perfect stability for hill riding.
  • You can even carry these electric longboards on a plane.


  • These are not typical longboards, so professional longboarders don’t like them.
  • They cost a lot of money.

Kicktail Longboard

The kicktail longboards are basically for freestyle riders. They are designed so that they can jump perfectly while avoiding any obstacles. These boards are perfect for cruise riding. Their low wheelbase allows you to jump any car or obstacle.

As a result, you can get the proper fun for your neighborhood cursing. When choosing these boards, you should go for a medium or small size. So you can provide enough pressure on the wheels. Their deck structure allows them to deliver the perfect speed while riding.


  • These boards provide perfect stability.
  • They are accurate for city cruising.
  • Their design allows them to jump over different obstacles.
  • These kicktail longboards are pretty fast. 
  • They can be used for versatile riding.


  • They are not recommended for beginner riders.

Symmetrical longboards

Basically, the Symmetrical longboards are modified twin longboards. Their ancestor is twin skateboards, which is the same as twin longboards. So they can be ridden by both sides. They have the same front and end edges.

As a result, you can perform 180-degree slip stunts while freestyle riding using these symmetrical longboards. Their large wheels are used for long rides. Even professional riders use them on downhill tracks. So they deliver perfect versatility while riding a longboard.


  • These boards are perfect for freestyle riding.
  • You can perform 180-degree turns with these boards.
  • They are also used for drop-through trucks.
  • You can do downhill riding with these boards. 
  • They are very versatile for professional riders.


  • They are not very beginner-friendly.

Double Kicktail Longboard

These double kicktail longboards are usually symmetrical longboards. They are very popular for their bi-directional mechanism while riding. As a result, you can ride on both sides of these longboards. They have a long wheelbase, which allows them to keep the wheel far from the boards.

Therefore, they provide perfect stability while riding a longboard. These double kicktail longboards can be used for freestyle riding as well. You can perform 180-degree moves or stunts with them. So they provide the perfect, versatile ride.


  • They are very stable.
  • They are perfectly designed for bi-directional riding. 
  • You can use them for freestyle riding.
  • They can be used for performing stunts.
  • They are versatile longboards.


  • They are not very durable longboards.


Still, have some questions? Let’s see some commonly asked questions below.

What Types of Longboards Should You Choose?

You should choose a longboard that suits your riding style and provides full comfort and safety. Longboards can be made of different materials, like maple or bamboo. Some longboards are better for beginner riders, whereas some longboards are only recommended for professional riders. 

Different types of longboards provide different sizes for performing unique and breathtaking stunts. So some boards come with a big deck to deliver perfect stability, while some longboards distribute your weight perfectly all over the boards. 

Choose a longboard that is appropriate for your skating style so that you can enjoy the excellent floating sensation while riding. You shouldn’t go for cheap boards to save money. Because if you choose a cheap board, it can be hazardous while riding and can cause an accident. Eventually, they will cost you more money.


Different types of longboards are designed for different purposes. Although the main purpose is to have fun with different types of riding styles and to perform various stunts. 

A perfectly built longboard can provide an extraordinary floating sensation to a rider. The longboard structures are the most important aspect of various riding styles. 

If the deck of the longboard is too long, it will be stable, whereas the smaller wheels are more precise for jumping. So you need to choose the boards that suit your riding style.

You shouldn’t buy cheap longboards because they are poorly built. In the worst-case scenario, they could cause you an accident. Choose the perfect longboard for you to enjoy the intensity and speedy sensation of longboard riding.

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