Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding? Choose The right board

is longboarding easier than skateboarding

A disagreement exists among people about the ease of longboarding vs skateboarding. Some points of view can prevent this popular argument easily. Their working procedure can be one of the points.

Besides, some points like getting control on an arduous surface, their specific designs, etc. should be considered. Is longboarding easier than skateboarding?– this confusion will disappear after knowing the elaboration on these topics.

How Longboard Works

Longboard runs on bigger wheels maintaining some basic physics. It looks around 90 to 150 centimeters long which is comparatively longer than conventional boards. After starting longboarding, the wheels adhere to the surface intensely. This tendency of wheels helps to perform some tactics like cornering without any hassle. Longboarding gets comfortable as the soft wheels reduce the vibration to the minimum.

Turning versatility is one of the significant parts of longboarding. This part is highly dependent on the wider distance between the front and rear wheels. The wider the distance is, the more the turning versatility is. However, it strictly abides by the rules of dynamics at every point.

How Skateboard Works

Skateboards also run on the wheels but their trucks keep an important role on hassle-free boarding. The relevant pressure is applied to the trucks after starting skateboarding. Then, the truck releases the pressure on its deck. Skateboarding is completely based on this simple physics.

Trucks on any skateboard are adjustable according to the user’s convenience. Skateboard’s wheels are specially manufactured for conserving momentum during skateboarding. Momentum is highly dependent on its weight, wheel size, etc. However, the combination of energy conservation and angular momentum finally throws the rider in the air.

What Should A Beginner Get First, A Regular Skateboard Or A Longboard?

Selecting longboard vs skateboard is more difficult for beginners than pros. Beginners must prioritize safety and comfort among two riding boards. But, most of them find both of them suitable after going through their specifications. However, experts suggest picking a longboard for beginner riders. Their suggestion is probably for skateboard rolling and controlling strategy.

Longboards come with wider boards which offer additional balancing advantages to newbies. Its bigger wheels help to remain the board adhere to the surface and decrease the accident possibility. Moreover, its convenience in turning versatility can be helpful to practice cornering. A newbie can easily move the board from one point to another for its construction specialty. 

Why Longboarding Is Easier Than Skateboarding

Some facts make the longboarding winner in the competition with skateboarding. Here are some elaborated points that answer – Is longboarding easier than skateboarding?

Easy balancing mechanism

Longboards have much longer and wider space for placing your feet. You need to push the longboard after placing your leading foot before the bolts. Then, keep your pushing leg parallelly in the air with your leading leg. This strategy is the key to your successful balancing on a longboard. 

On the flip side, skateboards don’t have a wider space for standing. The narrower standing platform is a curse for easy balancing. However, most of the models of longboards come with plastic wrapping on the wheel. This wrapping also plays a significant role in balancing while longboarding with concentration.

Bigger and easy-cruising wheels

The physics behind longboarding is friendly for new riders. Its wheel size is a maximum of 72 mm whereas the wheel size of skateboards is a maximum of 59 mm. The extended wheel size offers some advantages in board-riding. By the way, a compact design of the skateboard’s wheel helps to roll the wheel fastly. Moreover, they are lightweight and it makes a decent move on the skatepark. But, the problem arises when riding on the street.

Longboarding seems easy in the street because of the longboard’s vibration-resistant wheels. Besides, its bigger wheel smoothly runs on the street without cracking. Longboard wheels aren’t afraid of street obstacles as they can adhere to the surface strictly. For this reason, the leading foot never deviates from the base. The wheels of longboards can’t accelerate the speed in the normal street intensely. As a result, the scope of facing accidents becomes minimized.

Turning versatility

A beginner can’t but learn about basic riding very quickly. But, their problem arises when they try to revolve around. The building mechanism of longboards offers some additional features for safe turning. The turning versatility is dependent on the distance between the front and rear wheel. Longboards come with a bigger distance in comparison to skateboards. So, beginners can undoubtedly rely on longboards.

Longboard trucks are also responsible for perfect turning. Its wider trucks start from 7 inches whereas skateboards have a maximum of 5.5 inches. The wider trucks make the rider comfortable and bring a good balance in turning.  It’s experimented that narrower trucks and small wheels perform rapid turning. As a result, the rider can face several injuries. Longboards are the best pick for comfortable and safe riding.

Advantage of bouncing

A flexible base of your riding board can increase the enjoyment of your ride. Skateboards generally come with a hard-constructed basement. Rider’s comfortable foot placement on the trucks may seem convenient. But, the vibration is extreme in this setup and people can’t tolerate it in the long run. 

On the other hand, longboarding is enjoyable for its vibration-free construction. Along with hard materials, longboards come with some flexible items. So, longboards have good flex and bounce slightly for adjusting the vibration. 

Different Longboard And Skateboard Styles

You can find huge ways of longboarding and skateboarding for different purposes. Some of the common longboarding and skateboarding styles are briefly depicted here.

Longboard styles

  • Cruiser longboard

Cruiser longboard is used for cruising and it’s the most popular among all types of longboards. This kind of longboard has a surfboard shape along with its big wheels. Along with a good balance, it can achieve a decent speed. Beginners can pick cruiser longboards for easy and safe riding.

  • Carving longboard

The difference between cruiser longboard and carving longboard is a little bit. Craving longboards have more concave than cruiser longboards. It is expedient for the placement of the rider’s foot. Carving longboards are sketchy for their extra height from the ground.

  • Freestyle longboard

Freestyle longboards allow the riders to perform tricky moves without any problem. This version of the longboard is expressive for freestyle dancing, flipping, liberal sliding, and so on.

  • Downhill longboard

Riders use downhill longboards for serious longboarding purposes. This kind of longboard is engineered for optimum speed and control. 

Skateboard styles

  • Freestyle skateboard

Freestyle skateboards are the commonest model among all types of skateboards. The idea of building this kind of skateboard came from old surfers. This type is better for showing skateboard tricks than other types.

  • Vert skateboard

Vert skateboards are ideal for skating from a horizontal surface to a vertical surface. This type of skateboard is used in the ramp for moving up and down. Strong build quality and bigger decks are the ideal specifications of vert skateboards.

  • Park skateboard

Typically, the combination of vert and freestyle skateboards make the park skateboards. This is versatile and convenient for showing all sorts of tricks.

What Are The Best Longboards For Beginners?

Finding the best longboard isn’t easy at all among varieties of designs. By the way, here you learn about the best longboards for beginners based on their specifications.

Sector 9 Mosaic Dropper Longboard Complete

If you are looking for a newbie-friendly and all-rounder longboard, then you get it here. Sector 9 Mosaic Dropper Longboard Complete is one of the best longboards for beginners. The 10 inches gullwing reverse trucks are used here for releasing any upcoming pressure accurately. Besides, the rider must feel comfortable after placing his/her leading foot on its deck.

ABEC 5 Greaseball bearings help to run this longboard precisely. It has wheels of 70 mm which is completely newbie-friendly. The wheels are dedicated to tolerate cruising, freestyle, and downhill longboarding. This longboard is made of maple with a decent durometer hardness. Its 6.9 pounds weight is completely okay for precise riding.

Is It True Longboarders At Higher Risk For Injury Than Skateboarders?

If a longboarder remains unconscious and rides without safety protocol, then he/she must face difficulties. Longboarders generally ride in open places like streets and create a big chance for accidents. In Particular, downhill longboarding can be a big threat to injuries. 

But, skateboarders have occupied spaces for skating and that makes them safer than longboarders. However, skateboarding injuries never become as severe as longboarding injuries.


So, is longboarding easier than skateboarding? All the elaborated specifications must help to understand the best selection for specific purposes. Longboarding and skateboarding have differences in the fun along with risk.

Even, their working principle, the convenience of control, etc. are dissimilar. So, beginners are encouraged to start with longboarding. Then shift to skateboarding for having fun on another scale

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