How to Carry a Longboard – 4 Proven Ways

Want to carry a longboard 4 proven ways

Are you worried about carrying a heavy longboard? That’s why maybe you’re wondering how you can carry it easily. 

Don’t be worried because after reading today’s article entirety, you will know the proven ways to carry a longboard. Since a longboard can be pretty heavy and easily damaged, that’s why you need to know the correct methods and instructions to carry it. 

Have you ever wondered if a longboard can be carried on a bike or flight? Yes, you heard right. You can also carry a longboard on the flight if you know how to carry it properly. 

Let’s read all the versatile methods through the article and know-how to carry the longboard easily on the bike, in your backpack, and on the flight without wasting your time.

Types of Longboard

To know how to carry a longboard, you first need to consider a few things. Apparently, most longboards are considered the game to be a recreational activity. Again, many people play it as a way to stay fit in exercise. 

However, successful longboarding depends on a few more factors, including the type of longboard. Each board has its unique features. Here we cover a particular type of board from several longboards-

Twin Longboard

This longboard is especially suitable for multi-directional street skating. Also, it is best for downhill riding consisting of traditional design.

Electric Longboard

This longboard with a battery is very easy to operate. This electric longboard made of bamboo takes about two to five hours to charge. It also has a Bluetooth remote control system.

Downhill Longboard

The wheels of this longboard are made of high-quality material and are quite effective also ensure durability. At the same time, it eliminates the problems that arise in any dangerous situation of longboarding. 

Bamboo Longboard

This longboard is very easy to carry for lightweight, and flexible. It also tends to be low cost. 

Cruising Longboard

This board is best for you if you live in a crowded area. Because its decks and trucks are extensive, it will ensure your stability and the most comfortable ride.


The type of longboard is not only a matter of your consideration; its correct measurement allows you to select the right longboard according to your height. Because longboards are heavy, it is also challenging to carry. 

Longboards are 33 inches to 59 inches in size and 9 inches to 10 inches wide. But measurements from 34 inches to 42 inches in length are often used because they are convenient. 

In addition, these sizes are arranged so that people of all sizes, big and small, can choose the longboard according to the correct measurements. 

For example, measurements are:

  • 29 inches to 34 inches for shorts.
  • More than 50 inches for lengths.
  • 6 inches to 8.5 inches for narrow.
  • 8.5 inches to 11 inches for wide.

Again, taller people will be able to choose a 65-inch longer board.

Why Carry a Longboard

Uneven Ground

As the name implies, uneven terrain means high, low, muddy places where you can’t ride a longboard, so you have to carry it. 

Off limitRoad

When riding with a longboard, you have to carry a longboard if you reach a station, sidewalk (used for walking only) where scooters, longboards, and such wheeled gadgets are not allowed to enter.

Long-distance travel

If you are traveling for a while, you have to carry it with you during the trip, even on the flight. 

Uphill Riding 

Basically, longboards are made for downhill climbing. So if you go to ride the uphill road, then you have to carry your longboard.

Multiple Way to Carry Longboard-

You know you can carry a longboard in many ways at your convenience. You can easily carry it in any of the above situations.

Here we will cover the instructions to carry a longboard with four methods you wanted to know more about.

1. How to Carry a Longboard on a Bike

In many places, you cannot use a longboard while riding, in which case you have to carry it. With your bike, you can carry this heavy longboard very easily. 

And for this, the longboard has to be adjusted to your bike first. The question that may arise in your thought is whether it is possible to carry a moving bike with a heavy longboard. 

Yes, it can be carried. You can use strings and racks to fasten the bike to the longboard. For this, you need to tie the longboard to the back seat or bike’s handlebars just as you would to a string. 

When tying, keep the bike horizontal so that it does not slip when you move it. On the other hand, if you do not like the stringing method, you can carry the board on the bike with the help of ordinary racks. 

Because this rack is specially made to hold longboards, surfboards, so you can easily carry the longboard on the bike using any method of string and rack.

2. How to Carry a Longboard on your Back

You may be thinking that carrying a longboard at the back may be a problem. But, we don’t want to call it a matter of trouble. Carrying the board on my back is not as difficult as you think. 

With the help of a longboard sling, you can carry your longboard. Don’t worry about its weight. The longboard sling is light enough and hassle-free, so carrying the board will be effortless and comfortable for you. 

Usually, a sling is a belt used in a loop to carry a heavy object. Again, the sling is a nylon rope with comfortable pads that can be easily carried on the board if you gently hang it with a longboard behind you. 

And this nylon rope is mainly designed to carry the longboard around your chest and work quickly. Otherwise, you can use a stainless steel ring on the back because it is better than the sling to prevent the board from moving too much. 

This means the stainless steel ring ensures you fit snugly with the back and nylon rope.

3. How to Carry a Longboard on a Backpack

The most common question people ask is how to carry the longboard in the backpack? The backpack is needed when you are on a long journey and want to take the longboard of your choice with you. 

By using the backpack, you will have a place to keep the necessary things and the board. 

Nowadays, students are seen using longboards most of the time.

So it would help if you chose a backpack for a longboard that can save a lot of space, like a GoRide Electric Longboard backpack. This backpack is a bag that students, as well as business workers, can use. 

Besides that, the GoRide backpack can store as much as it can. It also supports electric skateboards up to 20 lbs. 

Surprisingly, you also get two bottle holders with a lot more space and easily store a 17-inch laptop. It also has ample pockets so that if you are a student, you can take books and necessary materials in those places. If you are a traveler, you can store the essential batteries, cameras, GoPro, and so on.

4. How to Carry a Longboard through a Travel Bag

Also, you can get the help of a travel bag to carry longboards on long trips because it is difficult to carry a longboard by hand or shoulder on long journeys. And, your precious longboard will be safest in a travel bag for a long trip. 

In addition, travel bags come in many sizes, so you need to select a quality bag according to the size of your longboard. If your board is 9.2 long or shorter, then you can use Curve Surfboard Travel Bag. 

However, the longboard, 9.2 in length and 23.5 in wide, can easily fit in this bag. This travel bag is best for carrying longboards for quality and safety. It is very light, weighs less than 1 kg, and has pockets inside. 

Also, it has a premium zipper quality to ensure safety for your longboard. Many users feel safe carrying their longboard through this bag, so you can also carry it through this Curve Travel Bag if you want.


Nowadays, many people like longboard riding, but they have to carry it in some places. Because the longboard is heavy, it is always difficult to carry it by hand or shoulder. So you need to know more methods to take a longboard. 

So in today’s article, we have covered those processes so that you can carry a longboard in a travel bag, backpack without having to carry it on your shoulder or hand. 

Hopefully, after learning all the processes mentioned in the article, you will quickly know how to carry a longboard.

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