The Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising in 2024 – Review and Guides

Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising

A new skateboarder’s first wheels will be the most important investment in their board. If you’re looking to get into the sport, you’ll need to know what kind of skateboard wheels works best for cruising around on flat surfaces. It is possible to ride without knowing which type of wheel is right for your style, but if you’ve recently received or purchased your skateboard then understanding how they work and what makes them unique can help make riding more enjoyable. 

The wrong wheels will certainly give you a negative experience. Here, we will discuss the best skateboard wheels for cruising 2021 – review and guides. 

Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising List:

About Our Research

How we picked – 

First of all, we’ve given priority to the materials. End of the day, this is a high-quality material that matters the most. The bearings, hardness, deck, etc. things we’ve prioritized more. 

Why you should trust us – 

We’ve got a team of professional writers who did deep research before publishing the article. Moreover, our team also contacted the skateboard wheel experts to make the list more reliable.

How we tested those wheels for cruising – 

Our team has tested various things before concluding. We’ve checked out amazon ratings, public opinions, consistency, and other things to sum up the list.

Who this is for – 

The list is for beginners who are seeking to purchase skateboard wheels. But, professionals will also get benefitted from the list. 

Let’s jump on the discussion – 

Top 5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising And Tricks (2021)

Cruising around the campus or your hometown is a different kind of feeling. A smooth ride gonna give you a heavenly vibe and peace of mind. If you really want to get the best riding taste, you need proper wheels that could give you superb stability and traction. However, most people don’t have any idea about the best skateboard wheels. Here, we want to discuss this matter. Let’s check – 

Our Top pick

FREEDARE Skateboard 60mm Wheels

  • Durometer Hardness: 83A
  • Wheel Size: 66mm

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 60mm is our top pick. It is a well-balanced wheel and it is super perfect for beginners. Its speed, control everything is literally outstanding.

The FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels are made of polyurethane. The users highly rate them due to their smoothness on the ground. Moreover, they are extremely durable for street skating. The wheels are so soft and fit on a regular skateboard. They roll in silence and they cruise with a super speed. As a result, you will enjoy the ride.

These wheels are so great for beginners. It’s totally true. The balance is fantastic and newcomers can control it quite easily. Further, they are designed for cruising, skateboarding, and longboarding in places like smooth concrete or asphalt. This skateboard contains ABEC-7 bearings. Therefore, you can move downhill very conveniently. 

Due to the grippy edge, Freedare Skateboard Wheels are highly stable. They are available on the market in three colors – Red, Pink, and Black. At 83A durometer, these wheels are soft and sophisticated enough to cover the cracks. Nevertheless, the package is neat and clean, and eye-catching. 


  • Hard 83a skateboard can endure huge pressure and supply superb speed
  • Move-in silence as you won’t be disturbed by noise
  • Has grippy edge that provides stability
  • Packaging is so nice
  • Made from a durable high-quality material.
  • Reasonable price


  • The bearings aren’t good enough
  • Wheels could get chipped

Why choose this product?

This skateboard is pretty much inexpensive and rides smoothly. The colors of the wheels are also gorgeous and unique. They also have great speed. 

Best Overall

Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
  • Wheel Size: 54mm, 60mm

According to our choice, Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels are the second choice. It is highly balanced and doesn’t make noise at all. They’re usable for filmy work too.

This is the second product on our list. The most intriguing thing about this skateboard wheel is it can ride on any kind of strenuous terrain. Additionally, the Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel is lightweight and provides smooth roll-on of various surfaces. 

You will feel safe on a bumpy road with this ride. As a beginner, you won’t have to suffer from it. It gives the perfect balance of size and it’s not too hard. Moreover, they’re not too noisy and obnoxious. Due to the good hardness and 78D core, it is so smooth and durable. They give the vibe like you’re skating on the cloud. 

Furthermore, this skateboard wheel works with a super level of bounce and speed. This is the reason you can go through a rugged road without facing any hassle. They also don’t make too much noise. Hence, the size of the wheel is not so bulky. Therefore, they’re faster and suitable for filming and cruising. 


  • Suitable for cruising
  • The size is not so bulky and it is a lightweight wheel
  • Astonishing smooth ride
  • Wheels are super faster
  • Suitable to ride on bumpy roads very smoothly
  • Has enough bounce and speed


  • Bit of noisy
  • Only a single color is available

Why choose this product?

The big reason is Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels are a real gem for cruising any type of surface. They give fantastic speed along with smoothness and stability. 

Also Great

Fireball Tinder 60mm Skateboard Wheels

Fireball Tinder 60mm Skateboard Wheels

  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
  • Wheel Size: 54mm, 60mm

Fireball Tinder 60mm Wheels are the third product we’ve chosen for our list. This is also a great wheel. You can do multiple things with this. Besides, it’s riding, speed, balance – everything is fantastic.

Fireball Tinder 60mm Skateboard Wheels

The Fireball Tinder wheels are perfect for smaller longboards, mini-cruisers, and double kick skateboards. This is the third recommendation from us. These wheels can be used for a variety of reasons like dancing, cruising, and freeriding. Moreover, Fireball Tinder wheels are versatile enough to work smoothly in uneven routes. 

You will not only feel smoothness during sliding with these wheels but you will be mesmerized by its consistency. The rounded lips on these wheels mean they break in rapidly but straightway. Hence, the wheels are made of large black urethane fiberglass core. This is the reason this wheel is so sturdy. These cores also build unbroken wear patterns to maintain balance no matter the length of your usage.

Furthermore, it works superbly on all types of roads. That’s why this is a real gem in terms of athletics. They’re strong, durable, provide a nice ride even on bumpy roads. In addition, they come in three colors – black, red, and blue. 


  • You can dance, ride, and cruise with these wheels
  • Can ride smoothly even on bumpy roads
  • Urethane fiberglass core gives it sturdiness
  • Rounded tips for even wear
  • Fast-riding
  • Super-consistent


  • No wheel bearings
  • Only a single option for a durometer.

Why choose this product?

Although this product contains no bearings, the quality of these wheels is fascinating. It will give you a ride in the cloud! Superb product for sure! 

Budget Pick

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

  • Durometer Hardness: 90A
  • Wheel Size: 54mm

This is currently the best skateboard wheel on the market in an affordable range. You can purchase the wheels without a second thought.

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

The bearings of this wheel are 54mm 90A polyurethane material. The 54mm is perfect for beginners. You can ride it on almost every kind of surfaces like ground, ramps, sidewalks, smooth concrete, or asphalt. They are also extremely suitable to ride on downhill tracks. The edges are grippy, which is why it is enough sharp to go smoothly to ride downhill. 

Hence, the assembled bearings are superb too. Another thing about these skateboard wheels is it is super sturdy and highly durable. These 83a rollers have the hardness of a quality Polyurethane material. They don’t make noise and they work perfectly. Freestyle skaters also like this wheel as it is lightweight. 

Since these wheels can roll smoothly, you can easily move with these skateboard wheels on the sidewalks or highways without making a problem for the bypassers. On the other hand, you will get three different colors with these skateboard wheels. These wheels are very affordable and come with a 6-months-warranty. 


  • Comes with eight bearings
  • You can roll smoothly on various surfaces with these wheels
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for downhill riding
  • Good material quality
  • Highly durable 


  • Not so good for professional skaters
  • Not perfect for cruiser longboards

Why choose this product?

These wheels can ride on various types of surfaces. They also have a good combination of hardness and speed. On top of that, they are inexpensive and highly durable. 

And Good

BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels

BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels

  • Durometer Hardness: 90A
  • Wheel Size: 54mm

BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels

The SHR 102a Skateboard Wheels from BYBAIZ are built with a high-class shape and strong durometer of 102a. The design is beautiful. Moreover, the speed is fast enough and it has excellent traction. The grip is so strong that you’ll get superior control and for tricks and skating. 

Further, these skateboards contain a long lifespan and they don’t have friction at all. BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels are suitable for street cruising. As it is made with Polyurethane material, it is very sturdy. You can move faster while sliding but you will still be able to control it. 

In addition, it is suitable for rapid movement, cruising, free riding, downhill racing, and carving. 


  • These wheels are super smooth and solid
  • They come in three different colors
  • The sizes are good
  • Ride well on bumpy roads
  • Slide so well
  • Nice for beginners


  • Not very smooth
  • The price is a little bit high

Why choose this product?

The design is so cool and the product is built with high-quality components. Moreover, the speed is good enough and it works well in rugged places.

Benefits of Skateboard Wheels

There are various benefits of skateboard wheels. Let’s see – 

  • Perfect for beginners

If you are a newbie in the skating world and want to go on a long road, a skateboard wheel could help you. The reason is skateboard wheels are perfect to start. You will feel the authentic vibe of skating through skateboard wheels. 

  • Provide smooth ride

Skateboard wheels usually provide a soothing ride. As a result, they are soft and easy to ride. So, people can take this advantage. 

Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising Buying Guide

In order to give you the best product for cruising around the street, we have selected some factors. These factors will definitely go to assist you in choosing the relevant product for you. Let’s check out – 

Skateboard Wheels for Cruising


Size has a considerable influence on selecting a skateboard wheel. Larger wheels usually give a much faster ride. Besides, the size of larger wheels is over 60mm in diameter. They also provide an outstanding balance. As they are larger, they tend to be much wider. 

On the other hand, the size of the smaller wheels is between 50mm and 53mm. This is the reason you have to push them more. But, you will have better control over them rather than larger wheels. That’s the reason skaters who want to do tricks, purchase these types of wheels. 

Lastly, there are wheels which have a perfect size. These types of wheels are known as middle type wheels and the size is between 54mm and 59mm. You will get every flavor of larger and smaller wheels’ with the middle one. These wheels are stellar for beginners. So, choose a size according to your needs and capabilities. It’s up to you. Think clearly before making a final decision. 


You can measure the toughness of the wheel through a durometer scale. Most wheels will be on the A scale that runs from one to one hundred. The hardness increase with the number. 

If we talk about the softer wheels, they usually provide a smoother ride. However, they will not be fast enough and professionals don’t get enough fun with this. 

On the other hand, hard wheels will go at super fast speed. But, they grip much lesser than soft ones. That’s why you will have to fight to control them. 

Usually, 78A to 90A is the best range for skateboarding. 


Do all wheels roll? In our naked eye, we see that all the wheels are the same. But, it is not. There’s a difference. A type of rolling can give you the way to learn the riding style you wish. 

  • Smaller wheels roll too fast. This is the reason they will supply high-level acceleration
  • Smaller wheels are very much lightweight. That’s why they are superb for tricks and dancing
  • The speed of the larger wheels is amazing. Further, they will keep you close to the surface
  • They are heavier.


Generally,  urethane and hard plastic are mostly used to build skateboard wheels. But, the popularity of urethane is sky-high due to its comfortable ride. They also offer a good grip. Moreover, they are highly durable and provide long-lasting performance. 

However, nowadays, the popularity of Polyurethane material has been increased superbly. Due to its affordable trait and higher stability, most manufacturing companies prefer this material. Besides, the efficiency of this material is damn good.


The price of the skateboard has always been the main thing for skaters. You have to think about the quality of the product. Moreover, you also need to think about how much money you can spend. But, our advice is that, please don’t go for cheaper product. It won’t be beneficial for you in the long term. Before buying a skateboard wheel, first, prioritize the quality and then the price. 

Contact Patch

The contact patch of a wheel indicates how much the wheel is attached to the ground. This is so much crucial. The reason is wider contact patches give more stability. They can make more influence on unsmooth surfaces much conveniently than thinner contact patches. 

On the other hand, the shape of the wheel has a massive influence on the contact patch. For instance, rounder wheels have a smaller contact patch. Similarly, square wheels supply a bigger surface. As a result, it provides a good amount of traction. 

Which one you will go for actually depends on what style and preference would suit you better. 

Durability and Smoothness

The durability and smoothness of a wheel largely depend on the components of the product. Nowadays, most wheels are durable. You have to think about the smoothness. We’ve already shown in our chart which wheels are super smooth. You should check out carefully before taking the final decision. 


Skateboard wheels usually tend to be larger. That’s why you need to check the clearance between the wheel and your deck. If the wheel is over 60mm in diameter, you have to put an extra riser pad in the truck. Otherwise, things could go wrong.

If you don’t attach the risers on the deck, there’s a big chance the deck catches the wheel curves and turns. As a result, the deck could face enormous destruction while you could also face injury. 


Most skateboard wheels come with bearings. However, some wheels don’t have any bearings. In such a case, you will have to be cautious about what fits your board best. One thing we want to tell you. The thing is ABEC-7 is bearings are the best for a skateboard. ABEC-7 bearings are superb for precision and wheel proficiency for a skateboard. 

Trucks and Deck

The deck on the skateboard is a long wooden material. Contrariwise, the trucks are the thing that contains bearings, wheels, etc. You have to keep a balance between them. For instance, if you buy a wider deck, then go for a wider truck. But, if the deck is wide and the truck is narrow, then you will lose the balance that could injure you. 

Beginner Tips

Yes, we tried our best to give you vital information on skateboard wheels for cruising. Maybe, you could be in a doubt after seeing a sea of information. That could be huge for you. If you still feel doubt and think deliberately about which could be the best product for you, we could help you. Now, we are sharing some info that could narrow down your list and assist you to find out the suitable one.  

One thing we want to tell you is that – if you’re a beginner and want to purchase a wheelset, go for medium. It will help you to grow quickly and give you proper confidence. 

  • 50-55mm
  • 78-90A
  • Medium price

These types of wheels will work great and slowly enhance your skill in the skating world. 

Common Skateboard Wheel Types

There are various types of skateboard wheels are available on the market. Among them, three types of skateboard wheels are very much popular. You can exchange them after a while to get the best version of you. That will also make you understand which will be perfect for you. 

The three major skateboard wheels are – 

Skatepark Wheels

These wheels are usually 50-60mm. They are quite small and the grip of these wheels is not so easy to handle. As a result, you’ll face difficulty riding them on bumpy terrains. However, they are good to do tricks, dancing, and street riding. They also slide quite conveniently. 

Cruiser Wheels

Generally, these wheels are 54-60mm with a 78-90a durometer. These wheels work better for cruising. You will get proper speed and traction with cruiser wheels. They also contain a strong grip. So, you could handle them opportunely. Such wheels possess a wider contact patch for more stability and grip.

Longboard Wheels

The longboard wheels are mostly 60-75mm in diameter. Contrariwise, they are 75-85a in durometer. These wheels are larger in size and they are pulpy. They provide a very good amount of traction, speed, versatility. Moreover, these wheels are the best for cruising and downhill riding. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What skateboard wheels are best for cruising? 

Cruiser wheels have to be soft and they need to roll faster. Check out the article of us thoroughly and you’ll find out the answer we think. 

Which wheels are better for skateboards?

There’s no clear-cut answer to this. It will depend on various matters. If you’re a beginner, then you have one requirement. Besides, if you’re a professional, your assertion will be different. We’ve widely discussed in our article which will be best suited for beginners and pros. 

When to replace longboard wheels?

Truth be told, there’s no proper timeline for that. You can use it until it fades away or gets broken. If they don’t work properly anymore, then you can decide that enough is enough. It’s time to get a new toy! 

Is it possible to Ollie With Cruiser Wheels?

It is very much possible to ollie with cruiser wheels. But, not always. If you don’t have a good idea of what you’re doing, then it could be dangerous. Only do this when you have enough confidence or you are adequately skilled. 


So, this is it from us! We are hoping that you have gained enough information to choose the best skateboard wheels for cruising. As you’ve read the whole article, you have armed yourself with sufficient knowledge we surmise. As a result, you could easily choose the perfect skateboard wheels for cruising. If you still have any questions or thoughts, you’re welcome to do so in the comment box below. 

Happy skateboarding!

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