Top 5 Skateboard Shoelaces Tested in 2022

The Best skateboard shoelaces for skateboarding

The shoelace is the most important part of a skateboarder. A pair of low-quality shoelaces can ruin the joy of your skating. So today’s discussion is about the top 5 shoelaces. You can choose one or more of your choices.🙂

Being a Skateboarding enthusiast it is important to keep an eye on the shoelace quality of your shoe. Because controlling and maneuvering while skateboarding is completely done by the lower body and feet coordination. You will need the best shoes and shoelaces for pulling up some interesting skateboarding experiences.

In this article, we will get to know about the top 5 skateboard shoelaces tested in 2021. The shoelaces for skateboarding needs to possess extreme endurance. You cannot compromise the quality and durability with it. This holds the feet firmly inside your shoe and helps to steer the skateboard according to your demand.

Premium quality shoelaces are a must for skateboarders for smooth and accident-free performance.

Just a short description about our top pick-

Top pick

Ironlace-Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces

  • Stretch-Free, Non-Slip shoelaces
  • Stronger than Steel – Amazing 1500 lb. breaking strength in a 1/8″ (3mm) diameter.

It is the toughest yet the lightest shoelaces compatible with extreme skateboarding. The stretch-free, anti-slippery, and most importantly highly durable buildup makes it suitable for skateboarding without worrying about it being torn apart. It will boost your confidence while doing sharp corner-cutting and turnings. Besides, you can also pull up some eye-catching stunts easily with this Ironlace.

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Also Great

Skateboard Style Flat Shoelaces

  • Flat Wide Style
  • 45 inch or 54 inch Length

The flat and wide shoelaces are highly compatible with most of the shoe types available. You can easily install it on heavy sportswear types of shoes such as sneakers and boots. Its heavy-duty buildup quality with the finishing makes it look very aesthetic. Moreover, the high-density polymer is used to make this shoelace for better grip and fitting of your shoes.

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And Good

AOMIDI-Shoelaces Round For Athletic Shoes

  • Round Athletic Laces

This Round shoelaces are fairly acceptable for your skateboarding shoes. It comes with high endurance for keeping up with the pace and extreme stunts. Besides, it is strong enough to keep the shoe fittings intact for a long time. No external impact or fire can cause harm to it. Therefore, its longevity will help you to enjoy skateboarding without worrying a lot.

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About Our Research

Here we shall disclose the course of actions taken for getting practical knowledge about the durability of the shoelaces.

How We Picked

We tested the durability of the shoelaces with a series of tests. It includes the stretching test, load test, and fire test. Depending upon the results gotten from these tests, the shoelaces were marked according to their dependency durability and endurance.

Why you should trust us

The test was run being completely fair. No shoelaces faced advantages over others. The tests were totally similar with the same environment and accessories. Therefore we can say that the results of this series of tests are worthy and trusted.

How we tested

Three different tests were performed. First, of all the stretch test was done using a pickup towing. Two pickups where one was in neutral were towed by the other. The shoelaces performed pretty well in this test. Getting on the next level, a loader was being towed but due to the extreme weight of the vehicle. The shoelaces could not tow after 3ft which was pretty normal.

Secondly. Torching the shoelaces to extreme fire was done during an industrial torch. The shoelaces held their ground for a long time showing no sign of damage at all. Therefore, in the verdict, it can be said that the shoelaces are pretty tough to withhold the immense amount of temperature and heat.

Finally, a load test was done using 3000lbs. The shoelaces couldn’t pull up this extreme weight all alone.

Who this is for

These were done to confirm the endurance and durability of the shoelaces. Skateboarders require very tough shoelaces for the best fitting. A slight amount of damage in the or cheap material in the shoelaces may end up in serious accidents. That is why it is better to choose the best possible shoelaces for the skateboarders.

Top 5 Best Skateboard Shoelaces

In this section, we shall look deeper into the 5 best skateboard shoelaces available in the marketplace.

Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces Shoelaces

Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces Shoelaces
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The title of the shoelace itself declares its quality. This shoelace has been brought by the Ironlace, which is quite renowned for making top-grade heavy-duty shoelaces of all the time.

It’s a completely stretch-free shoelace. This feature makes it hold the shoes very steadily for a long time. While skateboarding the stretch free shoelaces is a must. Because the slight change in the pressure on the board while changing direction and turning may cause heavy accidents.

This shoelace is has a nonslip surface. As a result, you will get the maximum tightening in the knots you make. It will hold the knot even after applying immense pressure on it. The non-fading material was used to make sure the outlook of the shoe does not deteriorate.

You will be getting a 1500lb capacity of a shoelace which would never break through common or day-to-day pulling activities.

The very high-density polymer used to make this shoelace confirms that it is highly corrosion repelling, Wear, chemical resistant, and UV proof.

Apart from all these, it is fire and heat resistant up to 630F. No matter how much the heat builds up it won’t tear apart from normal means.


  • Fire and heatproof
  • Anti-slippage
  • Anti-stretching material
  • 1500lbs of load capacity


  • Supports all sorts of extreme activity
  • Very persistent and long-lasting
  • Keeps the knots firm
  • Provides the best grip


  • Very expensive
  • No option for colors
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Skateboard Style Flat Shoelaces 1/2″ Wide For All Shoes

Skateboard Style Flat Shoelaces
Skateboard Style Flat Shoelaces 1/2″ Wide For All Shoes
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The BCB wear has brought high-quality and heavy-duty shoelaces. It is specially designed for skateboarders. The footwear required for skateboarding is conveniently compatible with these shoelaces.

This shoelace has flat width. It gives you better tightening of the knots than those of the round shoelaces.

You will be getting 15 different color shades to choose the best-suited one for you. This helps you to maintain the color profile of your shoes, outfit, or skateboard itself.

It comes with two different length options of 45” and 54”. You get the authority to pick the desired length required for perfect adjustment and tightening of the fitting of your shoes.

The ½” wide diameter of these shoelaces gives you a better grip and adjustment of your shoes. As a result, you will feel confident enough to go skateboarding without worrying about loosening the knot.

Made of high-quality fiber material makes it is very suitable for extreme outdoor activities like skateboarding.


  • 15 color options
  • Two size options
  • ½” of width
  • Flat shoelace


  • Provides very strong knots
  • Better adjustment and fitting
  • Color can be matched with accessories
  • Thick and delivers good endurance


  • Not fire or heatproof
  • Cannot compete with extreme loads
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AOMIDI Round Athletic Shoelaces

AOMIDI Shoelaces Round For Athletic Shoes
AOMIDI Round Athletic Shoelaces
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The AOMIDI company has been consistently bringing up good quality shoelaces for a long time. It designs shoelaces especially for sneakers, sportswear, and heavy boots as well.

This round shoelaces are great for all sorts of shoes available. Because it is officially compatible with most of them. You can easily install the shoelaces inside the shoes.

It comes with 10 different solid color options to choose from. You can pick the best available color matching with your skateboarding accessories.

Besides, it has 8 different size options in length. The range starts from 27” and ends at 72”. As a result, you can buy it for kid’s shoes as well.

Again, shoes or boots with a high ankle closure system can be installed with a higher length of this shoelace. Basically, no matter what the size of the shoe is, you have the authority to choose the length to adjust.

These athletic shoelaces are made of very tough material which makes them sturdy. Moreover, your shoes will get good and tightened knots to keep your feet well fitted and adjusted.


  • Round Shoelace
  • 10 solid color options
  • Size availability from 27” to 72”
  • Strong construction and finishing


  • Suitable for most the shoe types
  • Gives the ability to install on all sizes of shoes
  • Sturdy and tough knots are ensured
  • Does not tear apart if treated properly


  • Cannot support enough stress
  • Not suitable for immense pressures
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Miscly Round Boot Laces Heavy Duty and Durable Shoelaces for Boots, Work Boots & Hiking Shoes

Miscly Round Boot Laces Heavy Duty and Durable Shoelaces for Boots, Work Boots & Hiking Shoes
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The round boot laces from the brand MISCLY have good potential for all types of shoes. This is made for heavy-duty boots, sportswear, and sneakers.

It is made of tough Nylon and Polyester covering. Combining both the strength of the shoelace is skyrocketing. It fits conveniently with your feet. Besides, the size availability from 45” to 72” allows you to select one for your particular shoe for skateboarding. 45” of shoelaces from Miscly are standard size shoelaces for sneakers, running, and hiking shoes.

You will have Four color shades to choose from. In between that, there are two options with dual-color blends for a more aesthetic look. These standard colors go with all sorts of skateboarding activities.

Its 3/16” thickness and round structure make it suitable for extreme skateboarding. Your feet will get stability and good fit because of these shoelaces.

This shoe has been provided with premium and heavy-duty weaving. As a result, it ensures no matter how much external stress and pressure is given it won’t easily tear apart. Therefore, being a skateboarder you can be assured of the premium service by this shoelace.


  • Made of Nylon and Polyester
  • 3/16” width
  • Round Shoelace
  • Four color shades
  • Size available from 45 to 72”


  • Strong and tensile strength
  • Provides tough knot
  • Do not stretch even at a heavy stretch


  • Not fire or heatproof
  • May shoe slippery surface
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Honey Badger Work Boot Laces Heavy Duty W/Kevlar – USA Made Round Shoelaces for Boots

Honey Badger Work Boot Laces Heavy Duty WKevlar - USA Made Round Shoelaces for Boots
Honey Badger Work Boot Laces Heavy Duty W/Kevlar – USA Made Round Shoelaces for Boots
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Mercury + Maia company is famous for its heavy-duty outfit makings. Their round shoelaces are specially made for work boots. Therefore, it is assured that there is no compromise with the material selection of this shoelace.

The Honeybadger shoelaces are made for extreme conditions and heavy-duty work boots. It is compatible with most sportswear such as skateboarding.

It is made of high-quality and strong Nylon and Polyester. This shoelace has been tested with 350lbs of pressure and passed successfully. Its anti-stretch feature keeps you safe while doing sharp turns in skateboarding. Moreover, it prevents your feet from getting away from the strict stable point.

There are 19 different dual-color shades for you to choose from. These colors are very eye-catching make your skateboarding look more impressive.

You will the options for sleeting the seize from 45” to 82”. For regular skateboarding shoes, you can pick the best-suited length of the shoelace easily for this specific brand.

The anti-slip surface makes it result in a tough knot and long-lasting tie. Therefore, you can easily do skateboarding for a while without worrying about loosening the knot or getting the shoelace torn apart.


  • Nylon made shoelace
  • Round width
  • Size from 45” to 82”
  • 360lbs of load capacity
  • 19 available color options


  • Delivers tough tying and knots
  • Very durable building material
  • Does not deteriorate easily
  • Compatible design for skateboarding


  • Cannot withstand heavy fire/heat
  • Round structure makes it harder to tie a knot
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In conclusion, we can say that the quality and features of the shoelaces are important factors for doing skateboarding with ease.

With a high budget, the IronLace can be the best pick for skateboarding purposes. It has immense tensile and strength to cover extreme conditions and skateboard maneuvering.

If you are having a tight budget then the AMOIDI or Mercury+Maia round shoelaces would be decent options. These come in several size and color options along with the durability required for skateboarding.

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