Best Off-Road Longboard Wheels in 2022 – Suggestions For Longboarding

Best off-road longboard wheels

Regular longboarding and doing awesome stunts are unimaginable without the best off-road longboard wheels. As there are various brands of longboard wheels, it’s difficult to find the best set for you. 

Besides, the longboard wheels are different in durability and hardness along with their size. Every skateboarder dreams of owning a set of budget-friendly longboard wheels with some advantageous features. 

However, a good set of longboard wheels can integrate your experience to another level. To find the best set of wheels, you can rely on our top-rated products. 

After a deep analysis, we’ve selected these three products as our top pick. Before diving into their detailed specifications, get an overview of these items. 

Just a short description about our top pick

After a deep analysis, we’ve selected these three products as our top pick. Before diving into their detailed specifications, get an overview of these items.

Top pick


MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
  • Wheel Size: 100 Millimeters

The MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are a great wheel for downhill, off-road riding, and cruising. They have an 80mm diameter that gives you the perfect mix of stability without being too heavy. The wheels come in a 78a durometer.

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With the expedient 100mm all-terrain wheel size, MBS longboard wheels are our top selection. Anyone can receive sufficient friction from the wheels while doing stunts or regular moves. These longboard wheels are engineered to cope with unparalleled speed. The rider can even run the longboard inside the grass by using this set of wheels. 

These longboard wheels also ensure safe riding on the wet surface. While longboarding, pro longboarders won’t fall easily due to their optimized center of gravity. As the MBS longboard wheels are wide enough, newbies can completely rely on them. It’s okay with normal skateboard bearings and easy to take care of. 

Moreover, its wheels come with an eye-catchy outlook. For its 2 pounds lightweight, it fits with the longboard easily. The wheels are soft and sturdy enough. Only the middle strip of the wheels touches the ground which makes it incredible. If you think about pricing, this is also preferable according to the features and brand value. 

Best Overall

Shark-Wheel-72-mm 78a-Longboard-Wheels

Shark Wheel 72 mm Longboard Wheels

  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
  • Wheel Size: 72 Millimeters

Shark Longboard Wheels are a great wheel for longboarders looking for speed and agility. These wheels have a hard durometer of 78A which is perfect for the pavement or sidewalk, but they also work well on rougher terrain like grass or dirt.

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Shark Wheel has manufactured these longboard wheels in a more optimized way than industry-leading wheels. They’ve experimented and found that the wheels last 15% longer than regular longboard wheels. These wheels are 78a grade which means the rider can use them on rough surfaces. 

Longboarders can’t fall easily while controlling because these wheels have great slide control. Due to its less friction, the longboard runs very fast by investing a little effort. The 72mm size with convenient lightweight makes it suitable for versatile purposes. These wheels are best for cruising, carving, freeride, and other longboard activities. 

There are sine wave shapes on these wheels which are helpful to kick tiny objects from your way. For its approach angle, the wheels are fruitful in absorbing unexpected shocks. If you’re looking for more traction over various terrain, this set of wheels should be chosen.

Tight Budget

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels

  • Durometer Hardness: 83A
  • Wheel Size: 70 Millimeters

These wheels are designed to provide a great skating experience, and they’re perfect for anyone who wants to take their longboarding skills to the next level. So if you’re ready to hit the open road, make sure to grab a set of FREEDARE 70mm longboard wheels!

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Are you looking for a set of good-quality longboard wheels but have a tight budget? FREEDARE longboard wheels can satisfy you with their high-end polyurethane wheels at the best price. With 70mm diameter, these wheels are convenient for regular longboarders. Their extreme hardness of 83a durometer makes the wheels selectable for rapid movement.

The user can receive sufficient grip from the wheels while performing stunts on hard surfaces. They are manufactured with top-class ABEC-7 bearings which are made of steel. Therefore, the rider won’t be stuck with the wheels midway through longboarding.

There are PU materials on the wheel surface to ensure a smooth ride. The wheels roll perfectly and ignore little obstacles like stones without major complications. Anyone will love the delicate design of these wheels with dot patterns.  However, these wheels come with high durometers but they’re usable in regular skateboards. 

5 best off-road longboard wheels for longboarders

It’s time to represent the 5 best off-road longboard wheels with their detailed specifications. Once you go through their features along with the pros and cons, you can select the best one for you easily.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels
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The set of all-terrain wheels from MBS opens up an expanded world for longboarders. For its lightweight high rebound wheels, you can rely on them. 

Key features of the product

  • Expedient wheel

Along with a 65mm/3.75″ width of wheel size, these wheels ensure safe riding. Besides, these wheels are suitable with 22mm O.D bearings which integrate your riding fun to another level. 

  • Extreme hardness

Longboard wheels stay between 78-85a durometer to cope with various surfaces. These wheels from MBS come with a 78a durometer which helps to make them a skilled cruiser over time. 

  • Durable build

The longboard wheels are made of petrochemical materials. For the optimized build, the runs in the long run and offer sufficient grip to the riders. 

  • Enable critical movement

These wheels arrive with a center core position and so, they’re suitable for critical movements. You can ride your longboard with these wheels even in the small grass areas. 


  • The lightweight of the wheels help to do stunts perfectly
  • Versatile for pavement and short grass areas
  • High-end bearings ensure smooth rolling of the wheels
  • Enchanting outlook
  • The wide size of the wheels offer a good balance


  • The price could be slightly negotiated
  • Sine waves for better riding could be drawn on the wheels

Why is this product good for you?

These wheels will surely fit with any longboard for their attractive design. For having great slide control and grip technology, these wheels could be your pick. 

Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels

Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels
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These wheels are one of the best Longboard wheels due to their extreme durability and enchanting features. 

Key features of the product

  • Wheels with the DNA formula 

The wheels are manufactured with the brand new DNA formula to ensure less friction and more speed. For this reason, 57% less rolling resistance can be received by the riders. 

  • Extreme grip

Gripping is essential for safe riding and perfect longboarding. The wheels come with sine shapes on them to ensure the desired grip. 

  • Good approach angle

When riding with the help of these wheels, the minor shocks will completely be rejected. The 30-degree approach angle is convenient to reduce the shock. 

  • Highly long-lasting

These wheels won’t decay after doing a few cruising. San Diego State University has certified their 50% more long-lasting than conventional longboard wheels. 


  • Wide enough to prevent sudden fall
  • Scientifically proven to serve in the long run
  • The 30-degree approach angle prevents unexpected shocks
  • Better performance for the optimized slide control


  • No cons are found

Why is this product good for you?

These wheels are best overall for longboard riders. They require a reasonable price and offer some expedient specifications. Moreover, they’re durable enough and ensure the highest safety. 

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels
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This set of budget-friendly off-road longboard wheels is admirable with some outstanding features.

Key features of the product

  • High-end wheel build

These inexpensive wheels are made of polyurethane material with an 83a durometer. They can run better on wet surfaces with their 70mm diameter wheel. 

  • Good-quality bearings

The ABEC-7 high-quality steel bearings and spacers are durable enough. It helps to run the longboard pretty smoothly. 

  • Delicate design

The delicate design with PU materials and enhanced dot pattern make the wheels attractive. 

  • Easy to install

Installing this set of wheels is super easy. You just need to place the wheels on the axle like conventional longboard wheels. 


  • Good-quality bearings for the desired rolling
  • Durable material to ensure longevity
  • Easy to install
  • Improves the outlook of the longboard
  • Less price than other models


  • Slippery in the extreme wet surfaces
  • Versatile for a few regular skateboards

Why is this product good for you?

If you’re looking for high-end longboard wheels at the best price, this set is a good selection. These wheels are made of durable material and ensure easy installation. You can rely on them for their gorgeous design pattern and optimized center of gravity. 

IWONDER Cloud Wheel 105mm

IWONDER Cloud 105mm off-road Longboard Wheels
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The best off-road electric skateboard requires a set of quality wheels. This set of wheels from IWONDER may satisfy you with their wide size and extreme performance. 

Key features of the product

  • Damming foam core technology

These wheels own patented damping foam core technology to filter out vibrations. The user will be benefited while longboarding with their anti-skid technology. 

  • Sturdy build

Along with PU materials, these wheels are resistant to unwanted impacts. The curved build of the wheels ensures a better grip. Moreover, there is no fear of bumping even after a long time. 

  • Bigger and faster

With 105mm wheels, these are 40% bigger than traditional wheels. So, it’s super easy to perform stunts and balance regularly. 

  • Weight optimization

These wheels are experimented with to float on the water. Due to their low density with 78a hardness, they seem very lightweight. 


  • The wide diameter ensures better safety
  • Increased speed facility in the regular ride
  • The curved wheel improves the grip
  • An anti-skid option provides convenience while sliding
  • Absorbs unwanted shocks from the bumpy surfaces


  • Slightly overpriced
  • Bigger wheels are inconvenient for stunt riders

Why is this product good for you?

Despite the high price, these wheels are durable and high-performing. The combination of their wheel core and impact-resistant material ensures safe riding. You can use it even on bumpy roads along with normal highways. 

Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Longboard

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Longboard Wheels
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This set of stylish longboard wheels are dependable for their maximum traction and the supportive core. 

Key features of the product

  • Rollover anything

As the wheels come with an average of 80mm diameter, they’re suitable even on the roughest road. The maximum speed can be gained on any surface due to using Jehu V2 bearings.

  • Muscular grip

Due to their muscular grip, sliding becomes more enjoyable every time. These wheels are manufactured with sharp, square lips to get the desired traction. 

  • Supportive core

There is a 46mm supportive core in the wheels to reduce weight when performing the quick acceleration. Besides, the core is made of heat-resistant urethane materials which guarantee long-lasting. 

  • Durometer options

You can pick up your desired hardness depending on your demand for longboarding. There are 77a, 80a, and 83a durometer options along with only 230g lightweight per wheel. 


  • Stylish with their sharp lips and surface skin
  • Happy thane formula makes it grippy
  • The supportive core provides comfort to the rider
  • Quality bearings make them suitable to gain maximum speed
  • Convenient width and supply patch for balancing


  • Not versatile for all riding styles
  • Could be cheaper in price

Why is this product good for you?

With a sturdy build and extreme grip technology, these wheels are great. You can achieve the maximum speed even in downhill skateboard racing. The large diameter of the wheel with their supportive cores can convince you to purchase them.

Why should you trust us?

Relying on our top picks is up to you. We’re here just to make your decision easy and right. It’s difficult to check all the specifications from the internet over thousands of longboard wheels. Besides, you may miss any enchanting feature while going through the product’s specifications. Therefore, we’re here after doing deep research on the best products. And, we’ve picked the top 5 products from the best products over the internet. The customer reviews, the selling percentage, the newest models, and so on were considered before reviewing. We’ve spent hours after hours to make the reviews informative and easily understandable. So, you can trust our research and the recommended products.

Our Research and Analysis about Best Off-Road Longboard Wheels

off-road longboard wheels

Before finalizing any product in the top 5 positions, some factors were considered strictly. These factors make your off-road longboarding enjoyable or horrible. However, you should consider these factors while finalizing any set of longboard wheels. 

Ride quality

Some longboard wheels are designed for only riding the plane roads. But, selecting a set of versatile off-road longboard wheels allows you to ride even on uneven surfaces. Your longboard needs wide wheels with quality bearings and spacers. With 22mm O.D bearings, MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels could be one of the best picks. These wheels are suitable for both regular riding and some outstanding stunts.  Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels is the best versatile wheelset for longboarding. You can perform these types of rides below with the off-road longboard wheels.

  • Bombing
  • Freeride
  • Freestyle
  • Transportation
  • Carving
  • Dancing
  • Slalom and so on. 

Wheel core

The second thing you should consider about the longboard wheel is the wheel core material. There are aluminum wheel cores and plastic wheel cores available. In the high-end longboard wheels, urethane materials are used. To receive sufficient grip and long-lasting service, the wheel core material should be urethane built. The other thing to consider about the wheel core is the core categories. There is a centerest core, offset core, and sidest core. The centerest core is helpful to make the longboard flip at an instant. If you’re a versatile rider, then go for the offset core option. Sidest cores are convenient for sliding purposes which minimizes the grips. 

Wheel size

To ensure a safe ride and have fun with your longboard, you need to find the perfect-sized wheels. Most longboard wheels are manufactured between 64mm to 80mm in size. If you’re looking for safe riding, you should go for the higher size. The larger longboard wheels accelerate slowly but they’re good in the cracks. On the flip side, the smaller longboard wheels are good for getting ultimate speed and making some awesome stunts. However, a beginner should go for 54mm to 59mm wheel size. And the regular downhill riders should get the wheels with more than 60mm wheel size. 

Contact Patch

Contact patch size helps to develop the performance of the longboard wheels. If the longboard wheels are large in size, you need a larger contact patch. This option is essential for longboard users to distribute their weight equally. Contact patch helps to reduce the stress on the wheels by decreasing rolling resistance. When finalizing a set of longboard wheels, you need to monitor the contact patch carefully. Otherwise, you can’t stunt with your longboard till the expected days. 


You need to find the long-lasting wheels which can accompany you in riding even after years. So, you can rely on Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels. These wheels are 15% longer-lasting than traditional longboard wheels. It’s recommended to swap your longboard wheels after 3 months in case you’re a regular rider. When the surface becomes flat, it can’t provide sufficient grip. Moreover, unnecessary friction can disturb your ride. As there are different brands and different manufacturing materials, the durability will vary. So, ensure to get one of our suggested products to get extreme durability and have an enjoyable ride. 

Wheel hardness (Durometer)

A Durometer is the measurement of the hardness of your longboard wheel. If you’re looking for ultimate speed, harder wheels can be your choice. Despite having less speed on softer wheels, you can receive a better grip while riding on any surface. Before purchasing a set of longboard wheels, ensure that their durometers are between 75a-90a. For rough surfaces and extreme grip, 78a to 87a durometer is an ideal measurement. If the surface is a plane road, you should go for the 88a-95a durometer. And, 96a-99a durometer is convenient as an all-around wheel. If you’re a beginner, we recommend getting the longboard wheel of a 96a-99a durometer. 

Wheel shape

Along with the wheel durometer, wheel shape is essential also. The square edge wheels are square-shaped to provide the necessary grip while skateboarding. With these wheels, the rider will always be in touch with the ground. Beveled edge wheels offer a contact patch on the very edge of longboard wheels. For this reason, these types of wheels are easy to turn and do stunts. Among all shapes, the wheels with rounded edges are the best for carving and sliding. For the rounded shape, the user will receive less friction and move on any surface without hard effort. 


Finding a set of the best off-road longboard wheels is an easy task for you. A regular longboard user deserves a set of long-lasting, beautiful, and handy wheels. If you’ve read all the elaborated features above, you may have decided on a specific product. 

Perhaps, you’re still confused and in this circumstance, we recommend you go for our top pick. All the suggested products are almost budget-friendly, convenient to use, and contain fewer negative aspects. Moreover, they are full of advanced features and high-rating from the customers. 

Considering the outlook and technologies, size, hardness, and others are the prime challenges of purchasing longboard wheels. Wish you happy longboarding with the sturdy build, speedy and wide wheels.

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